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This is a full length series upload for those who don’t want to go through all 13 tutorials. They’re here in one place now. Making a game in is simple with this series of unity tutorials. In this series, we’ll be building a 2D ‘Cookie Clicker’ style game in Unity and coding in C#. We’ll explore various elements of the engine and we’ll build it for PC, iOS & Android. Each unity tutorial is unique, so don’t worry about the difficulty, this series is aimed at beginners and will bring you up to speed to become much more advanced.
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Who Is Jimmy Vegas?
Jimmy Vegas is one of the top YouTube tutorial developers. In depth Unity Tutorials teaching you how to make a game in unity 3d! My unity tutorials include development, programming in C#, coding logic and more. For beginners, it’s easy how to learn unity with tips and tricks you can make a game for FREE. I provide FREE assets for you to use and learn.

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  1. Its says error CS046: the type or namespace name 'text' could not be found ( are you missing a using directive or an assembly

  2. My CookieDisplay only counts to 9, after this the number disappears(At the CashDisplay i dont have this Problem)

  3. Great tutorial. You explain stuff really well. Keep on doing what you're doing!

  4. ERROR CS1061??

    //statusBox.GetComponant<Text>().text = "Not enough cookies to sell.";

    the error came back saying "GameObject" does not contain a definition for "GetComponant". does anyone know how to fix this?? (Code commented below)

  5. Im so exited to make my first game on unity!

  6. please somone help me i have an error at 55:18
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  7. When u rite codes they program shows u collors and other words, mine not and doesn’t work. Advise?

  8. Great video! I have struggled a lot to find a good video for learning script, thanks for uploading <3

  9. How i can sell all cookies at same time?

  10. 1:18:47 I have error:
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GlobalLemonTree.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/GlobalLemonTree.cs:24)
    Please help

    Edit: I fixed it by changing text from TextMeshPro to normal Text.

  11. Thank you for the tutorial i learned very much.

  12. Wou it seemed like there`s nothing interesting for experienced users , but i have known some cool designing features. Thanks a lot)

  13. 00:00:00 start

    00:00:01 beginners introduction

    00:15:40 Buttons and Coding

    00:29:34 Displaying code variables

    00:44:22 if statements and status box

    00:57:36 textures and auto create

    01:12:47 managing purchase upgrades

    01:27:34 purchase levels and stats

    01:42:17 sound fx and backgrounds

    01:53:20 problems and disasters

    02:11:44 auto selling

    02:28:44 playerprefs and game saving

    02:44:38 game load and menu

    02:58:47 Building game[final]

    03:11:58 end

    Timetamps provided by HEG
    I put this comment here for easy reach 🙂 so that i dont need to find HEG comment – might take long.

  14. If your background isn't changing, Try clicking your Main camera in the Hierarchy. And in the inspector panel, click on the "Clear Flags" dropbox and click "Skybox".
    Mine was set to "Solid color" which made the background not change.

  15. All of my code works amazing except when buy a shop or baker it will take the money away but still let me buy the other upgrade and will put me into negative money, anyone know how to fix this? thank you.

  16. It is quite useful tutorial, especially for beginners. I would recommend to watch it if you are beginner. However, The scripts are quite messy and some of them you can make as one and use more OOP .

  17. AssetsScriptsSellMuffin.cs(17,23): error CS0119: 'GameObject.GetComponent<T>()' is a method, which is not valid in the given context

    can anyone help me with this error

  18. Why is there a need to attach the button to buttonobject? why can i not just attach it to clickbutton?

  19. When i create a C# Script and open it and then i see my script file is different from you my file is miscellaneous files

  20. When i save and stop then reopen the counters dont go up until i manually buy another baker/shop

  21. Thanks for this, it helped me alot. However: around 1:26:00 you did a very very complicated way of doing that. Why didn't you just use an else statement to turn the button back off? Was it to teach what can be done because else is certainly the simplest way to do it and it works fine for me.

    Also I also know that you don't have to do GetComponent whenever you're dealing with text. If you're using UnityEngine.UI; then you can just do public Text text123 instead of using getcomponenet. Was this also just to teach everything or do you have a specific reason for doing it that way?

  22. This was such a helpful video, I started this with no knowledge at all and just by using what i've learned here i've managed to script 1, 2 and 3 baker(s) to appear on the screen when 1, 2 and 3 bakers are bought which i am very pleased with!


  23. It was very helpful.
    It is the basis for the game I want to make.

  24. Having a issue where when i buy a baker the button doesnt disable again it just stays on not sure how yours went back to off after if you have any idea please let me know.

  25. i have the problem with first script im editing with visualstudio 2019 can someone can send me script?

  26. Hey i know its been quite a while but any chance if you knew if the bakers would save with playerprefs bc the numbers do for me but the actual stat where it gives you one per second doesnt everything else saves i tries saving with cookieIncrease and InternalIncrease but neither of them work SavedVotes = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("SaveVotes");

    GlobalVotes.VoteCount = SavedVotes;

    SavedAdsText = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("SavedAdsText");

    GlobalAutoVote.VotePerSec = SavedAdsText;

    SavedVoteValue = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("SaveVoteValue");

    GlobalAutoVote.VoteValue = SavedVoteValue;

    SavedAds = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("SavedAds");

    AutoVotes.VoteIncrease = SavedAds; ads is just cookies

  27. Thank you so much you are the best around keep doing what your doing great job!😀

  28. I love you, about an hour in and this is just what I needed! THANK YOU

  29. 1:35:55 I was so stuck… I figured it out, then pressed play and then Jimmy figured it out. PHEW

  30. I am having trouble with my sound, I downloaded the "Chime" sound. It works, iv tried it in windows. But neither the preview in unity of it, or when coded makes any noise. Its almost if the unity program itself is not using my audio device. Can anyone help?

  31. hahaha one week ago i didnt know anything in unity. now i know how to do 3dfps. i watched this and just thought: mhm 2d is much more easier hahahaha

  32. in visual studio how do you get that shortcut stuff?

  33. When i play the game that i made from your tutorial, i buy some shops and some bakers, and then save. But when i load up the game, it only says it in my stats that i have for example three bakers and one shop, but it's not creating cookies, or selling cookies. Please help me, i started the whole project over after days of programming, thinking it would fix it.

  34. very informative, and you're very good at lecturing. Thanks!

  35. my button has the color options he has plus a selected color option so whenever i click the button becomes selected and it changes to whatever color i put in for the selected color

  36. Very good tutorial 🙂 Thanks for taking your time to teach newcomers like me C#

  37. My progress really stalled near the end of the video because I got stuck playing this cookie clicker knockoff…
    Great tutorial! You went in-depth at all the right parts, but never too in-depth!

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