How To Make A Cookie Clicker Game - With GDevelop -

How To Make A Cookie Clicker Game – With GDevelop

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Idle clicker games are incredibly popular, and surprisingly easy to make. So in this video we show how to add clicker game mechanics to your game with GDevelop. These tutorials are designed to teach you how to make a game in GDevelop, a no-code, open-source, free, and easy game engine.

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  1. Can't wait for this awesome video! That reminds me
    Another really cool mechanic I've wondered about and still haven't figured out how they made it is "Where's My Water?" Do they have morphing colliding polygons?

  2. The reason why its one of the most played idle games is propably because i have had the the game open 24/7 for the past month

  3. Idle games/clicker games are more fun and captivating than expected! Nice to see how to build them with GDevelop

  4. This is perfect for me personally as I'm currently creating an idle clicker game for my very first project in Gdevelop! Thanks team, been loving these tutorials so far!

  5. Could you possibly do a tutorial on how to do rope swinging like spider man for a platformer?

  6. I know how to do all of the things you guys teach yet I still watch every video because you guys always seem to teach me something new

  7. I want to ask why your Gdevelop display is different from mine, is it because of the different versions? I am using the current version of Gdevelop 5 if you are using which version?

  8. hey Wesley in the 3d video how did you move your camera with mouse like can you show the events taking place

  9. fix the bug in the new version, which freezes the game when you click with two fingers in the web app

  10. hey wesley can you ell me how did you setup the roof in 3d gdevelop

  11. how can i make the game to keep farming cookies even with the app closed

  12. i cant seem to find the "button is clicked" condition.. is that an extention or something?
    edited- ah nvm, i found it. its an extension , maybe i missed that in the vid

  13. maybe gdevelop will be sufficient to recreate gta san andreas

  14. We need a physics based platformer game that the player can push objects

  15. I have built 2 different clicker games so far using Gdevelop. I am planning to build a 3rd one. This time with more juice 🙂

  16. i made it 100.000.000 million cookies on cookie clicker i still watch video because this game was very cool then gdevelop seems things something new

  17. Also planning to build a click app for IOS and Google Play but I want the button to be as responsive as possible, count the clicks and give rewards after a certain amount of clicks. Is this doable as well and can I include captchas to remove potential bots? Greetings

  18. How do I add a timer for speed running. I've added attempts with a global variable and text so I can carry it over to a new scene/level. I want a 1 second penalty for dying.

  19. Hopefully someone will create an extension for better text. Honestly the only real things that are missing from the engine is that, and tilemaps, I hope that's added someday.

  20. just saw this while scrolling for clicker game devlogs, think I'll make something to expand on this. maybe I'll make a template that has hold clicking and ascensions and stuff

  21. yeah but how do i setup a max number of upgrades? also THANK YOU SO MUCH IT HELPED SO MUCH!!

  22. Почему большинства функций просто нет😢?

  23. I doesn't work for me and I need help cause when I click the cookies it doesn't change the number of how many cookies the user has

  24. Did exactly as the tutorial but the cost, timer, and counter weren't working properly

  25. sorry but you already did that , I recomend you to start from the begining and show us step by step to know what to do

  26. I just wonder, setting up so many timers, isn't it better to calculate the total cookies per second and then have one timer running with all those calculations in it? Like a modifier on a main timer…

  27. The text for the upgrade doesn't work for me it just says button everything else works

  28. Hi can u record video how to change clicker obiect after killing him. I dont know how too make in clicker game, when we kill one monster next respawn too click

  29. at 1:55 you used the upgrade 1 as a timer but i can't connect it to the start or reset timer action?

  30. When I change the scene it for some reason puts the amount I clicked for back to zero? If any fix pls reply.

    Update: I fixed it by using global variables instead of scene variables for it.

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