How To Make A Clicker Game Under 2 Minutes (Unity) -

How To Make A Clicker Game Under 2 Minutes (Unity)

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Learn how to make a clicker game with a basic upgrade just under 2 minutes using Unity Engine!

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Tutorial : 0:08​ – 1:15​
Result : 1:29​


  1. For making save clicks you need to make TotalClicks to int

  2. Everything almost works fine but the autoclick starts even though you havent even got the upgrade. Can someone help me?

  3. Great tutorial! You gained a new subscriber!!!

  4. Bro you deserve 10k subs atleast you dont just talk sht you get straight to the point
    Big Love hope your channel blows up !♥️♥️

  5. I NEED HELP it says that minimumClicksToUnlockUpgrade does not exist in the current context WHAT DO I DO!!!

  6. I have got an error “NullReferenceException” when i click the button

  7. A little late to the party but just wanted to know why is it that when I try to add the Text to the Manager script in the inspector it just doesn't add? Any explanation would help!

  8. It wont let me drag the text "TotalClicks into the box on game manager

  9. good video man! is there a way to make Auto Click clickable several times? I was trying to make hasUpgrade = true; go back to false and I wasn't able to. Maybe there would be another way to activate the button or to set this value back to false? Thanks

  10. how can i make an upgrade to increase the click profit but use it for ever ?

  11. why can i not put the number that records the click into the manager???

  12. thank you so much ive been searching a lot for so long

  13. get the before 100k subs ticket by clicking that sub button (not mine) his

  14. ok so i was doing your tutorial and i completely under stood the tutorial but whenever i click ten times it resets to 1

  15. damn this man speaking faster than i can even blink

  16. thanksi got in to a problem but cheating/ stealing the damn code helped methanks ill subscribe and like

  17. Sup, this is a comment for youtube's algorithm! Keep up the good work!

  18. I know how to do this,but i just wanted to help you!You are so underrated.

  19. Wow, great video. You just earned a sub. Hope you create more videos in the future.

  20. Trying keep improve the game with 2mins every video ,that will be a great tutorial.

  21. very shit tutorial it made me more addicted to clicker games frick you

  22. Thanks I just made my first clicker game you should slow down tho lol

  23. and btw, if i close the game will my progress save?

  24. Hello thanks a ton for the help but just asking how did you make the button disappear in the final part thanks

  25. can you add a copy and paste for the code? I got 20+ errors when i littarly did everything you said.

  26. Hi, thank you for the video. I have a question, ClicksTotalText.text = TotalClicks.ToString("0"); << What does it actually do? I can't understand this part. Isn't it saying changing the text to 0?

  27. i Copied your Script from Github but it doesnt work in my Unity? it says please fix all compile Errors and assign a valid script. but i just used yours? so i dont get the problem?

  28. So I followed everything and when I click the button it shows the animation but nothing changes on the current total clicks text.
    Edit: I found a solution, I'll just use your game from github and edit it, do I have permission to do that?

  29. Underrated channel you deserve all the cookies you clicked.

  30. It's always the Asian guys on YouTube who actually help me make a game

  31. i have it in 0.25 speed and i still have no clue whats happening and how to do anything

  32. THANK YOU SO MUCH I've been looking for a tutorial that was simple and this helped a lot thank you 😀

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