How to make a clicker game/simulator | WalkSpeed Upgrade | Roblox Studio [P2] -

How to make a clicker game/simulator | WalkSpeed Upgrade | Roblox Studio [P2]

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I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
I am sorry for microphone quality once again, these videos will get better eventually but for now this is how I am. I try my best


  1. The tutorial is great and works fine but if you want it more clean, you make a table for the prices and the amount of walkspeed for everytime you buy it. You can do this : local cost = {insert your prices, example : 1,2,3,4,5}The currentprice default is 1The currentspeed default is 16 because the speed of a default roblox character is 16.Local currentprice = player.currentprice.ValueLocal currentspeed = player.currentspeed.Value local speeds = {32,64,128,256,512}And then what he said.But instead of the cost = cost * 1.50 Do currentprice = cost[1or2]currentspeed = speeds[2]

  2. it tells me cur is not a valid member of Player "Players.i_needbeansinme" pls help me

  3. I don't know what I did wrong but when I "upgrade" the walkspeed it doesn't take away money, and also doesn't show the upgrade being bought…(0/6)

  4. I want to personally thank you for this video, you have helped me so very much on my game. I hit a few road bumps but was all my fault for not paying enough attention. But this is awesome keep making videos this helped me so much

  5. I’m making a completely different game and need to make a walk speed booster and knowing the amount of scripting I know I just tweaked the script a bit and made it work for my game

  6. This us practically useless since it’s impossible to add data store to this.

  7. hey so when i open and close the gui the price resets but everything else dosent do u know why that is??

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