How to make a clicker game in unity! (For Beginners) **Updated** -

How to make a clicker game in unity! (For Beginners) **Updated**

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In today’s video, I’m showing you how to make a clicker game in unity 2022!

Clicker games have always been easy to make, so I’m making a video to show how to make a clicker game within the Unity Editor.

Hi! I’m a Roblox developer / Unity developer. It started two years ago when I wanted to make something like a game. I always liked Roblox and played many sorts of fun. I wondered what if I made my own game. So, it started out like trash. It was awful, but I learned something from it. I used a lot of free models and scripts. I made my second game a year ago because I wanted to focus on Youtube and become famous like popular Youtubers. My second game was a murder mystery-style game, but I didn’t know how to script, so I watched a few tutorials on dev king’s Youtube channel known as Tap water. I learned a lot from him. The game turned out good, and I had some fun playing my own game. The sad part was I couldn’t make a replica of that game. It was already so popular. Today I’m a Youtuber and a developer. Please support me along my YouTube journey by subscribing for more content.

Why should you consider subscribing? Well, it helps me get noticed by the YouTube Algorithm, but not only that, it helps me gain confidence to make more and more videos along the way.

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  1. Like this video, if you like the editing style.

  2. You didn't put the link to assets in the description.

  3. Umm… How do i open visual studio? I did everything like you and where the f is it

  4. idk why but it doesn't work at all… when i add GameManager script on the Hierachy, it doesn't show Click()

  5. It says the error the type or namespace name 'TMP_Text' could not be found

  6. Could you make a 2nd tutorial on how to add a shop?

  7. its not very helpful, it explains a little but the random assets out of nowhere are confusing.

  8. Hello mine works, apart from the clicking when i click there's no error and when i save the script theres no error everything u done i done and it still doesn't work

  9. Me: clicks on video
    Also me: def a roblox players voice

  10. I cant find the GameManager thing in the No function tab any helps?

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