How To Make a Clicker Game in Unity | Android, iOS, Tutorial -

How To Make a Clicker Game in Unity | Android, iOS, Tutorial

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Hello! In this video I will show you How To Make a Clicker Game in Unity.
In the first part, we’ll take care of setting up the project, implementing the basic clicker mechanics, and adding some effects.

Get Particle sprite:

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  1. Particle System: Doesn't always work in different resolutions.

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  3. why this method not working with 3d. Please i want to apply in 3d.

  4. particle system does not appear in Canvas. How did you do that so simply?

  5. This zoom isn't helping, where do I found the ''Player Settings…''?

  6. so, ive gone thrugh all the code and names but it still says it cant add it to coins controller. how do i fix this?

  7. Spent a long time trying to figure out how to use buttons 🙃 this was just what I needed thanks 😊 🙏

  8. For some reason I can only click it once then the counter will stop working does anyone know how to fix this

  9. i have an error i wanted to add the script to unity but he says 'can't add script component because the script class cannot be found' what to do now?

  10. Ты русский? Просто снизу пишет солнечно на русском

  11. Im trying this 3hour It dont work this is a time waste

  12. this is great for touch screen thanks a lot for helping us ….

  13. like all videos this is a time waste IT DONT WORK IN ANY VIDEO

  14. Hey, where did you learn these skills? Im learing C# and Unity too i would learn to make hyper casual games

  15. Can you make an Tutorial on how to make an Idle Clicker?
    With like Offline Progress and things like this

  16. Hey, can you make an Discord Server. 🙂
    Or Anything. I want to write to you

  17. I have no idea how to use unity so I am not going to work on this anymore. I suck at coding

  18. what should i do if i dont have the coins multiplier it only says script

  19. Love your vids but please can you.make a whole playlist on how to create an idle game

  20. Everything works great except the piece of code you made for saving the number of coins when the game is started again.

  21. if i slide the script in he say nullreferenceexption object reference not set to an instance of object

  22. if possible, can we touch the screen that's text number will count or increase ?

  23. All was great until I tried to add the particles… it crashes and says your trying to use the image but it is destroyed… or somthing along those lines

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