How to make a clicker game in scratch with shop -

How to make a clicker game in scratch with shop

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young boy trying to teach other people!


  1. thank you so much for this saving my grade haha your very talented keep it up kid :).

  2. That is really helpful can you add more stuff to the shop

  3. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH now I wish your project is fetured!!!!

  4. wait thatnk you with out this i could make a clicker game tysm

  5. great tutorial helped me alot in learning how to make a shop thx 🙂

  6. I made an item for the shop and I can't get the code for it.

  7. Guys I swear I did not put an ad in this video

  8. Vide Johansson 5A Skolområde Simrislund says:

    it's not worked

  9. I've been going through my old projects because I don't use scratch anymore and could never figure out how to make a shop!
    hope you get it big kid, take my sub

  10. Yes pls make part two because I need to find out how to make more per click


  12. Thanks because from this video i learned a lot about operators

  13. can you make a tutorial on how to make a one time purchase item?

  14. How do I make it to where instead of it giving a certain ammount per second, that it adds +1 per click?

  15. this is so help full do a part 2 to ad more

  16. hahaha doesn't know how to spell cursor

  17. The funniest part… we are using a 'Cusor"

  18. im not a noob o scratch, but i didint know how to make a clicker and i used this tutorial. and im going on and on untill i realize i have finished the shop and this guys still on the shop and i have already made a option to buy in the shop. this was helpfull tho, i like this so i subed. u deserve some subs i tell u

  19. Help me reach 100 Subcribers without any videos! says:

    ok ok some things dont work to me. maybe because i cant do the perfect size u do???

  20. i wish i could make yt vids
    i have so many video ideas
    (btw im ten)

  21. wait i have one question shouldnt there be a back button

  22. Dude👌 ok your insane subscribe to coding with marcus

  23. Thank you so much! My clicker game was seeming boring so thank you.

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