How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch | Tutorial -

How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch | Tutorial

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Learn how to make your own clicker game in Scratch! With this tutorial, you can make a clicker game with cute effects, items that the player can buy, and more!

Try it out:

Remix this project (just go to the link and click the green “Remix” button or blue “See Inside” button):

Thanks so much to @speakvisually for doing the video editing for this tutorial!

Music: “Pacific Sun” by Nicolai Heidlas, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

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  1. ok. when i do the if else one with the orange it keeps dissappering how do i fix it

  2. i wanted to make a sans clicker but i didnt know how to make items ty so much

  3. Also, there are clicker games where you don't have a clickable item, but you still have enough points to buy your first upgrade to get more points.

  4. Tried it crap to start happenin points we’re going up and down

  5. how do you make a buyable item that then increases your click power

  6. When I added the ghost effect to 60 it just made the orange not visable at all. Do you know how to fix that?

  7. my game is about commiting tax fraud and printing money

  8. Scratch should hire griffpatch lol

  9. Omg your so smart 100% dropping a like and im already subbed! Thanks!

  10. But even if I don’t buy the clicker it goes up by one since the start of the game?

  11. this is great and all, but i want to make an item that give more clicks when you click it so instead of going 1,1,1,1,1 every click it goes 2,2,2,2,2,2 and so on.

  12. i do that but my "orange" doesnt make a sound

  13. What about the points goin in – when you buy wile you don’t have enough

  14. For people who wants to make the shop clickable like those games try making a block in the paint thingy and then label them Shop! After that Put a ''When sprite clicked'' And put the ''Broadcast Message1'' below it and make a big block that covers the screen, and Make ''When flag clicked'' Put ''Hide'' Below it, now as to make the Block that cover your screen pop up, Put the ''When i receive message1'' And put the ''Show'' Below it. And Draw a Sprite that is the ''X'' simbol and put it on the corner. Make the X ''When sprite clicked'' put ''Broadcast Message2'' Make an new name and then the big block , put ''When i receive message 2'' Put ''hide'' And now choose any sprites you want for display, Follow the 3:46 Part if you want it to be purchased, Don't forget to do ''When flag clicked '' Put ''Hide'' below it so the fruit won't be just floating. And put ''When i receive Message2'' Make it hide. put ''When i receive message 1'' Make it show.

    Edit: comment down below if it didn't work, it's how i do it!

  15. Thank you so much for helping me doing the codes you are very helping!

  16. Hahah autocliker go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. scratch is the best thank you for making these vids they have helped me out a lot!

  18. Mine will automatically click the orange

  19. Thank you so much, I want to make my game. I named my game Dorayaki Clicker"

  20. Please make how to make a tycoon in scratch pleas

  21. Why is it when i click the sprite theres no sound like i dont hear anything even the sound code is there

  22. bro my second one doesn't give me +10 points but gives me ten and dose not go up

  23. What's gonna be the clickable item in your game? 😀

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