How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 2) -

How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 2)

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In this video, How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 2), I finish up the game by creating an in-game shop with purchasable upgrades.

Link to the Scratch project I created in this video:

0:00 Intro
0:21 Shop Screen
8:05 Upgrades
22:14 Minor Shop Fixes
23:10 Playtesting
25:14 Outro

How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 1):

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  1. how do you make it so instead of it being automatic you get 3 clicks per 1 click and so on.

  2. Thank you so much! Your video's are great!!

  3. I like how you did your upgrades. But I personally used a list. So if I had two upgraded I would have the effect of two.

  4. How can you add custom upgrades
    And can you do a video on it please

  5. Hey, I know you get a lot of comments but I am having trouble I'm only about half way thru and I don't have the thumbnail which is one problem I'd say and my tacosperclck are at like 500 when I start. Plus when I buy a taco wizard upgrade it counts my points down. Please help

  6. both of my upgrades increase clicking, does anyone know a fix

  7. so remember last vid when i said my numbers broke?
    yeah i fixed it
    uhm now my upgrades aren't working

  8. While following the tutorial I deleted the entire sprite for upgrades, I hate my life. Plus, the restore button didn't work.

  9. it broke it doenst work it doenst take away the clicks the click per second odens towrk its stupid

  10. best game tutorial and your clicks were so satisfying keep up the good work, you deserve at least 100k views on this


  11. For me, the tacos will go down but the upgrade ‘per click’ won’t work (like no matter how much I buy it doesn’t do anything.) if I personally take a ‘change ‘tacos per click’ by one’, it would work. (But in the code itself, not working) any ideas to fix this?

  12. I had the same code as you and my variables didn’t go up and I didn’t get anything after buying it. it just took my money

  13. my numbers dont change with the amount i have

  14. You know there's a when sprite clicked block right?

  15. ok I am reallly mad there is a problem in my game where everytime try and click when it reaches 3 it switches back to 0 can you make a video on how to fix it?

  16. Im confused, i did the exact same code as you did and my shop doesnt pop up, how do i fix this?

  17. Can you made a video instructing how to make a page 2 of the upgrades

  18. sadly, the numbers didn't work. can someone help me

  19. 6:53
    if Shop Open = yes then
    set Shop Open = no
    99999 IQ scratch moment
    Edit: now that im learning scratch im seeing that that was actually needed

  20. How do you make the upgrades go below the first upgrade if the first bar is full

  21. hey my pizza's per click is stuck at 6 or any number what do i do?

  22. spent an hour trying to figure out why shop wasent opening then i realised my 'and' was a 'or'

  23. I have a main menu for this game and if you click in the right spot, you can get milk (my currency) on the main menu. How do I stop that from happening.

  24. Hi! It wont let me add more than 3 upgrades but I want more than 3. Any Fixes?

  25. thank you my game now is really good 🙂

  26. For me the shop does not work you have to hold it down for it to open and then that means you cant buy anything because you cant take the mouse off of it.

  27. Great content you should release like books on spotify so we can listen while building so we dont need to switch from tabs to tabs. But keep up the good work man

  28. the buy upgrade dose not work :/

  29. this is good but once I i make a bunch more upgrades then they start going off the screen and Ive tried to make it just go lower but it wont work
    help );

  30. Dude all i had in my clicker game was the clicker, thanks to you i became a pro famous clicker game developer in scratch tysm🫶🏻😃

  31. im having a problem with a shop when i release the mouse button the shop closes

  32. How do I make even more upgrades

  33. This man just got 2 costumes showing at once in one sprite

  34. When I click on taco truck it changes the taos per click instead of tacos per second

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