How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 1) -

How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 1)

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In this video, How to Make a Clicker Game in Scratch (Remastered) (Part 1), I create a simple clicker game with a clickable taco sprite, falling background tacos, and custom taco number counter.

Link to the Scratch project I created in this video:

0:00 Intro
0:10 Clickable taco
3:29 Background tacos
6:00 Backdrop
6:52 Rotating shine sprite
9:34 Number counter
13:56 Taco counter icon
14:57 Playtesting
15:29 Outro

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  1. Can you code more effect? Like it's shaking?

  2. WOW i saw this video in under the thirst 24 hours and im a giant fan but i forgot to subsrcibe but now i did bc i forgot!!

  3. I really want to learn how to make a clicker game shop I really want a part 2. I also want to say thank you Warfame for making Scratch tutorials you have helped me and my school class learn Scratch TY.

  4. Just when I needed a clicker game idea. Thank you so much for creating such cool tutorials. Really looking forward to seeing part 2 for the shop.

  5. so i made this but the background tacos were not deleting they were just chilling on the bottom of the screen for me. Any help?

  6. I think is gonna be better than the first tutorial you just made 😀

  7. This is awesome!! thanks for the tutorial, I gave you credits. (Not sharing my project until this series is over)

  8. wait a sec i need help the shine is moving everywhere how do i fix this?

  9. Just made it! The only troubles I have when making shops to games is getting the Clones and their ID clone # correct because it doesn’t make so much sense… I might make a copy of this and make my own shops, etc…!

  10. I missed the old days that you were only got 2ks, i was with the few subscribers, your voice changed a lot from those days. I hope you be shiny in your youtube future, ~your old subscriber

  11. Do you have adult view mode so you can't watch it on youtube kid?

  12. In events there Is a if sprite clicked on

  13. You copied mine???!!!?!
    BUT Y-Y-YOU, HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!

  14. Idk why but the counter doesn't work on mine?

  15. Hello my name is luma and I love your videos they are so good but I have been thinking with your talent you can make a website that teach the basics of scratch and how to use it am sure you will make a lot of money I hope I will be the first to sign up 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  16. This worked for me but…. i realized that the sprite was not deleting.

  17. can you make a game like minecraft


  18. hello can you make sarvente in scratch please

  19. When I tried to do the counter it just hid it!

  20. For the number counter I have a different way of making it, this is the block that writes everything:
    Define Print text (Text)
    go to X:(<x>) Y:(<y>)
    erase all
    set digit to (1)
    repeat (length of (Text))
    set costume to (letter (digit) of (Text))
    change digit by 1
    change x by 12
    end repeat

  21. Thanks bro I was making a clicker and u just dropped Ur video I was stuck in making the shine and number counter to but u helped:)

  22. I made this game this is really nice game
    Part 2 please I am waiting for the shop and upgrades 😄😄

  23. I think he’s wrong on 1:11. he got 2 “if then blocks” it must be 1 “if then blocks”, 1 “and blocks”,1 “touching mouse-pointer,
    1 “mouse down?”.

  24. I saw you on Scratch and followed the link on your game to the tutorial. Amazing job, thanks so much! You've earned a like AND a sub

  25. my sprite is stuck on the bottom only egg,taco,cake,mlik,glass of water,strawberry can work

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