How to make a clicker game in scratch (part 2) -

How to make a clicker game in scratch (part 2)

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Thank you guys so, so much for 100 subs on youtube! I never thought I would have so many people wanting to watch me on scocial media and it truly means the world to me! Today I will be showing you guys how to make another item in the shop!


  1. Your amazing! You really helped me with this

  2. Could u make a tutorial on how to make a game where you collect coins, and there’s a skin shop where you buy different skins?

  3. part 3 pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. part 3333333333333333333333

  5. it would make my day better cus your my fav youtube

  6. Could You Make A New Video? It's Been A Month.

  7. This kid is so good he could one day be smart!

  8. Can you make part 3,Maybe like every time you buy something the price increases and etc. ?

  9. I wonder if you could make it so that when you buy something it gets more expensive. No idea how you would do it since you use costumes to show the prices, but it would be cool to know.


  11. thx so much i wanted to add 2 stuff not i know how

  12. painful a first, realize it’s my fault then change it and realize how good this tutorial is. Thank you

  13. You are so good, all the other ones were hard. This one was easier. +1 Subscriber!

  14. (if you dont under stand this go to my youtube ill post it soon )Also guys if you want a button to escape the shop then find broadcast and wait and make a variable saying close shop and put it in and go to the shop and do when receive close shop switch costume where it says shop and also you have to make a sprite but it can just be a red X

  15. i subbed because of the quality and how slow and easy it is to follow keep up the amazing work Marcus

  16. bruh im 9 and i cant do this!!! and he sounds younger then me!!!

  17. it would be nice if it worked in 2022 part 1 warks in 2022 but not part 2

  18. DUDE THANK YOU, i watched so many videos that explained how to do this and it never worked yours is the first one to work, and the best part is your younger than literally everone in all of those videos and u tought it better than any of them man

  19. Thx this was helpful no one else covered how to get more money per click thx for this

  20. i had to fix it kept click per second so i had set cps to 0 then change to 1

  21. why does it multiply the money by 2? It should just add ONE click when you buy it.

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