How To Make A Clicker Game In 15 Minutes For Android And iOS (Unity) -

How To Make A Clicker Game In 15 Minutes For Android And iOS (Unity)

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Today I will show you how to make a clicker game in Unity for Android and iOS(technically also PC) It’s very customizable and it’s very easy to expand on it.

And yea, this is now my tutorial channel!

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  1. I cant use the Gamemanager.o2 in Game cs :c pls help

  2. next time maybe let us see how you create the project

  3. the modifier public is not valid
    (in hte Game.cs)
    what does that mean? PLEASE HELP ME!

  4. I keep getting an error that I need to add a } at the end of my void update even though my code is the exact same as his

  5. There goes my motivation. I can't even make o2 variable to increase. Maybe programming is not for me lol

  6. i make a clicker game like this

    Item: 0
    Cash: 0

    You need first to click to make items, and click sell to sell them to get the actual cash you can use in the upgrade shop. My Problem now, if items reaches 0 and i click again the items number will go to -1 -2 and so on. how can i prevent the numbers going into negatives?

  7. COULD I do exactly this and upload it?
    Or upload it, if I change a little bit?

    I don't understand these copyright rules.

  8. All works, but I can't click on the cookie
    (I used a cookie)
    If I change the Cookie to a normal button, it works.
    There is a error: NullReferenceException

    edit: There isn't an error, if i change in build settings the Texture Compression to ETC. But the Cookie doesn't work either.

    edit 2: Ok, it works. I had to take it in Games down. Under Cookies, not over. idk, why.

  9. When I make a canvas it is horizantal not vertical help.

  10. When i want to buy something it doesn't work help

  11. @CentauriDev I can't get the Ui option to show up under the Game (Script). Several people have commented with the same problem and it would be great to get some help. I'm using Unity 2020.3.4f1. The rest of the video is great but it doesn't work without this one little piece so it would be great to get some advice!

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS TUTORIAL. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THANKFUL I AM TO DISCOVER THIS TUTORIAL. I was watching other tutorials which were hours long and didn't quite understand what were all the complicated functions they were using. At one point, I even thought to myself 'is a clicker game supposed to be this difficult to programme??' You simplified the code in such a way that is so much easier to understand and do. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  13. Help im getting 5 errors with the coding, its error CS1002 ; expected, error CS0116 A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods

  14. Can someone write the code for me but for the 2020 version

  15. Some notes I made while doing this tutorial, may help you if you get stuck:

    1) To get the correct aspect ratio, you need to go to build settings (under file) and change it to android.
    2) To use an image, it has to be a sprite. This is very simple, first drag the image (I used a png) into assets. This makes it a texture, then on the inspector, change texture type to sprite.
    3) To add colors for UI elements, I had difficulties some of the time, but found that making a material and setting the shader to UI element cleared it up. Other times I could add colors no problem, not sure what's going on but at least I found a fix.
    4) I had an issue with not being able to add the UI element to the script at 8:54. I ended up switching to 2020 stable release of Unity (was using a version from 2019) and also making sure my install had the android build support.

    I have taken a course on C# before (but we never used Unity in the course), and was surprised with the use of public variables. I assume this was because this is a beginner tutorial, but after I finished the project, I want to try to add not just new features, but refactor the code a bit.

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial! It's a great intro to Unity!

  16. did you use a 2d layout or a 3d layout for the game?

  17. Great tutorial! I'd love to see more about what else we can add for the plant, like making it grow, add simple changes to it like color. Have a store where we can change the type of plant for example. I'd love to see those. c:

  18. Hey the tutorial was amazing until I accidentally ran into a problem idk any places to code and visual studio is not on Mac so I got kinda stuck, is there any coding apps that you would recommend for Mac?

  19. Whenever I run the script I receive the error
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    Game.Update () (at Assets/Game.cs:35)
    my script appears to be the same as yours anything I can do?

  20. Hey im Sorry to bother you, i tried to use your Tutorial for my own clicker game but i failed.
    My Problem is that i cant seem to link the two scripts, when im in the Game Script i cant refernce the GameManager script and i have absolutely zero clue why, do you have any idea?

  21. The "public Text ui;" isn't working for me for some reason. I have the "using UnityEngine.UI;" but it gives me an error code.

    Error: 'Text' does not contain a definition for 'Text' and no accessible extension method 'Text' accepting a first argument of type 'Text' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

  22. I somehow can't acces the GameManager and o2 in my game script while I followed te same code. Do you know why? It does say miscellaneous files with me on the left top corner

  23. there's tons of things that I don't understand and that you're going too fast
    or not talking about in this video, any way I could get in contact?

  24. I keep seeing comments regarding the part at 8:50. Has anyone solved it already?
    I'm using the latest version + included the Unity engine Ui but i still can't drag the "o2" to the UI in script.

  25. Jesus Christ is God and is the only way. Hell is real whether you believe it or not

  26. I am having a problem where the code is right but the numbers dont change i tried it on a phone still it dosent work

  27. Thank you! Really easy to understand if followed carefully.
    I was so nervous to click for the first time because it usually doesn't go well, but surprisingly it works perfectly.

  28. it all worked except for the buy thing, it keeps saying that the modifier 'private' is not valid for this item…

  29. when u go to add the "o2" text ui to the script i dont get ui in my script help

  30. Thank you so much for this. It will be very easy to expand from.

  31. I successfully made the tutorial and I would like to add a few things at 8:50 with the UI problem.

    If the UI option does not pop up:

    1.) Make sure you have added the "using UnityEngine.UI;" package in the Game script.

    2.) Don't forget the "public Text ui;" inside the public class.

    3.) Always check the spelling, C# is case-sensitive.

    4.) This tutorial looks like it is made in 3D but I made mine in 2D and it still works.

    5.) I don't know if this would help but my unity version is Unity 2020.2.0f1 and along with it, I have an android SDK installed in my unity. Make sure that your project has support for android/IOS. There are tutorials out there to calibrate your settings for android or IOS.

    If the UI option does pop up but does not update the text:

    1.) As said in the comments, check if you are using text and not text mesh pro

    2.) This is where I made a spelling mistake again. I typed void update() instead of void Update()

    3.) Did you drag and drop the correct objects?

    4.) For debugging purposes, try put these code inside the Increment() function

    Debug.Log("O2: " + GameManager.o2);

    5.) It will show in the console the current o2 everytime you click the image. In that way you can test whether the clicker game is really working and that the text is really the problem.

  32. PROBLEM: When I drag Game in in Both Clicker and Button there is no increment and no buy

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