How To Make A 2D Cookie Clicker Game In Unity - Tutorial 07 - Purchase Levels & Stats - Best Guide -

How To Make A 2D Cookie Clicker Game In Unity – Tutorial 07 – Purchase Levels & Stats – Best Guide

Jimmy Vegas
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In this tutorial we build levels of purchases to increase our cookie production, and we add in some realtime stats.
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  1. A thing i did is to change the sellscript to be "GlobalCash.CashCount += GlobalCookie.CookieCount;GlobalCookie.CookieCount = 0;"instead. This lets you sell all the cookies with one click, instead of one for each click.

  2. Can you do more often this 2d clicker game?

  3. Are we going to be making an auto sell button too?

  4. Yo ty so much man doing these vids it really helps me take my mind of my exams

  5. Please Friend, continue this series. 🙂

  6. When I add the audio source part to my code it makes it so I cannot buy any bakers. The button will show that it was clicked, but no money is taken and there is no cookies being generated automatically. If I turn the audio parts into comments, my code works fine. What am I doing wrong?

    I have error : The name CookieIncrease does not exist in the current context (Script : CookieIncrease = GlobalBaker.bakePerSec;)

  8. I've already reached to this tutorial. Awesome. Thank you for the info you share with us.

  9. i don't know if you still monitor comments but i have an issue where when i purchase the auto cookie it doesn't subtract the cost from the money, it just resets the money dont to the cost of the baker

  10. how would I add in a second auto cookie creator. etc cookie farm, cookie factory, and more

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