How To Make A 2D Clicker Game - Unity Tutorial #009 - PROBLEMS & DISASTERS -

How To Make A 2D Clicker Game – Unity Tutorial #009 – PROBLEMS & DISASTERS

Jimmy Vegas
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In this tutorial we add a few more sound effects and we start coding random problems to occur – i.e we lose some cookies in a factory fire.
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  1. The disaster text doesn't appear on the second time in one play for me, it shows the correct text in the animation but it doesn't appear for 3 seconds before that on the second and all next disasters. Anyone got the same problem?I know it's been 4 years, but who knows.

  2. Could you help me please How to make button show unityads ??I saw a lot of videos but I didn’t understood and some videos very old🌺

  3. What is the difference between raw image and image?

  4. That's a great video cause problems everyone face….

  5. #JIMMYVEGAS Can u start a beginners tutorial on how to make a thirdperson Android game by using Controls Freak 2 (touch input made easy) this unity asset.

  6. Why do not you use shortcuts, I mean you're writing every letter. Is there any reason, or is it just a choice?

  7. Jimmy would you be so kind and tell me how you learned c# and how i could learn

  8. I don't know if you will ever see this comment but I just want to really thank you for this series. I'm deep in many coding languages from Ruby to Xpresso but I never got to C+. Some of the logic carries over but it's definitely a language all on it's own. So I appreciate this tutorial a lot. I will ZIP the final result with the assets used because I don't want to throw it away. But the thing I want to move forward with is what you've taught me here. I want to make a game that's far more complex than this but I'm already starting to see how I can make the complexity work simply from the basics you're laying out in this series. Honestly, genuinely and humbly: Thank you Jimmy Vegas! <3

  9. I do have a question though. If you annotate properly and give obvious names to things, is there a reason to have so many loose scripts? Or could you have all of them combined in one super script?

  10. For some reason the public float and the others dont appear in the DisasterObject help plz

  11. i am buyin baker for 50$, after when i want buy baker its still 50$

  12. learn a lot from this seriess!! Thanks!! Man!

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