How To Make A 2D Clicker Game - Unity Tutorial #003 - DISPLAYING CODE VARIABLES -

How To Make A 2D Clicker Game – Unity Tutorial #003 – DISPLAYING CODE VARIABLES

Jimmy Vegas
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In this unity tutorial we create more UI elements and we create global code which will be displayed on screen.
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  1. finally (: I have been waiting for this Sooo much! love your tutorials! Keep up the good work 😀

  2. You should make a battle royals series in unity 5

  3. i have a game story jimmy vegas can u please make it?plz?plz

  4. I just wanted to say that sometimes I get lost on where your mouse icon is. Some tutorial makers have a yellow ball thing behind their mouse to make it more clear. I would love it if you would also use this.

  5. Ty soooo much for doing this cant wait till the next ep 😊

  6. Good tutorials just I think you need be more exact, example for sell cookie script name is SellCookie, but for buy cookie script name MainButtonClick

  7. I have done everything exactly but i keep getting an error.
    Assets/scripts/globalcookies.cs(14,8): error cs1525: unexpected symbol "CookieDisplay"
    Im guessing its telling me iv typed something wrong in the code but it looks identical as yours except line 14 CookieDisplay is underlined in red. When i click on it both cookie displays are highlighted in grey. I am learning from this video. I have zero experience but it seems pretty straightforward. Do you have anny suggestions? I cannot proceed with any errors in the code with unity. Please help. Thanks

  8. Having problems with:

    CookieDisplay.GetComponent<Text>().text = "Cookie: " + InternalCookie;

    Text is not changing colors.

  9. I’m using mono develop and the text and the text box isn’t appearing

  10. I should stop skipping ends of vids
    I keep messing up

  11. now in the code MonoBehaviour is changed to UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour because I tried to use only MonoBehaviour and unity got confused so I did some digging to find out why and I found it ( this is for those who are receiving error Form unity engine )

  12. Help!
    When I drag the GlobalCookie Script to the MechanicsObjest, I get an Error saying, 'Can't Add Script' ( Can't Add Script Behaviour VisualContanerAsset. The Script Need To Derive From MonoBehaviour! )
    I did the exact same thing as shown in the video.
    Please Help Me!

  13. Error CS0117 The "ClickButtonScript" element does not contain the definition of "CookieCount"

  14. I have a problem right after 8:27 it doesnt show cookies after 9 its just blank

  15. Hello. How Can I Add Cookies Automatically While I'm Holding Button Clicked??

  16. im stuck when I tried to put the sell cookie script it said it needs to derive off mono behaivour

  17. Good but super fast, I'm not a total beginner and this was still way too fast for me. Merry Christmas btw 😀

  18. I have just put all of the button functions in the global script and I will use that for everything.
    It is harder to read but seems more efficient for me that way

  19. Love your tutorials so far just wanted to say thanks!

  20. Great video! I look forward to making my own upgrades soon using the knowledge from the playlist! 😀

    Note to self: left off at 8:00

  21. I get an error: "The name 'GlobalCookies' does not exist in the current context" at 8:10. Any ideas what might have caused it? GlobalCookies class is obviously public, so that's not the case

  22. Hey. I'm following your tutorial and where you dragged 'Cookies' to MechanicalObject it says it can't because it needs to derive from Monobehaviour?

  23. Jimmy when I attached the Global cookies script the cookie display and internal cookie didn't show up 🙁

  24. Is there a reason to not keep Cash Display and Cookie Display under the same cs file?

  25. Assets/Scripts/GlobalGold.cs(15,34): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `text' could not be found. Are you missing an assembly reference?

    Help Please

    Edit: FIXED I typed with small "t". :))

  26. InvalidOperationException: Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided.

    Help please.

  27. please make your backups of your project i deleted a script and it took me so long to make it again

  28. Mine says "GlobalCookies does not contain a definition for CookieCount." (8:24)

  29. i need help if you manage to see this. im trying to do 2 buttons so to make 2 separate things. ive renamed everything so its specifically for the button but theres one issue that i don't know how to solve. in the errors it shows <RI.Hid> Failed to create device file: 20 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. and i believe this is stopping the counter from increasing. please help im clueless of how to fix this ;-;

  30. Thanks I just add a new button to reset everything! Thank you for sharing this knowledge, the more I follow the things you do, the more I learn ! I am so happy

  31. So if i want make for example avocados so i need to write not cookies but avocados in everywhere you tiped cookies?

  32. Awesome tutorial videos! You definitly earned my sub!

  33. Its not recognising UnityEngine.UI; so the Text isnt working

  34. Hey there! I can't get the <Text> to turn blue. I can't do anything without the text turning blue of course and this is my first time coding. If you're reading this please tell me what I should do.

  35. How do you rename the scripts? I can see you doing this at 10:25, but I don't know what buttons to press to be able to edit the script's name.

  36. AssetsGlobalCookie.cs(15,9): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'CookieDisplay' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

    this error pops up in Unity when I try to save the GlobalCookie script can anyone help?

  37. Have wanted to get into GameDev for a while so this is a great start, a bit old now but still works perfect

  38. I have reinstalled visual studios multiple times with the unity and c# .net packs installed and everytime the intellisense never works. It doesn't highlight the GameObject like everyone else's and I'm not sure why. Any suggestions?

  39. This is very helpful thanks. Not to detract from the lesson, but, god i hope you started using dark modes in editors eventually. This is blinding in comparison to my setup.

  40. Hey, when i try to use it, it says AssetsscriptsGlobalCookies.cs[18,6]: error CS1513: } expected

    I'm new to unity, what does that mean?

    I also have the problem that UnityEngine.UI isn't working, so my text doesn't turn blue.

    The thing is, i have this problem with the code, it doesnt matter if downloaded from the website or written by myself.

    I hope i get a fast answer as i need to make this game tonight because of a "challenge", lol.

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