How to kill a Clicker in The Last of Us -

How to kill a Clicker in The Last of Us

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  1. Stealth and Bricks are the way, save your ammo and molotovs for boss fights

  2. I thought Joel’s name was Joe 1 time 😂

  3. Not me eating lasagna while watching this 😭😭😭

  4. You can one shot almost every zombie in the game by throwing an object and then going to attack them, except for bloaters

  5. The best and easiest way is grabbing a brick and spamming square

  6. How is it I feel the stalkers are way worse than the clickers

  7. I like the presentation. its just too bad the Israeli dufus had to ruin the series by killing off Joel.

  8. Bro I need this when I was 10 playing the game for the first time 😭

  9. Everyone forgets you can kill a clicker instantly with a brick if you time it just right, “Brickington” is the most badass weapon in the game lol

  10. Damn I’m an idiot I didn’t know when they scream you have to stand still

  11. Mr. Joel, why do you use a Molotov as your personal weapon?

  12. Uncle Joel, what about your famous Brick Beatdown?

  13. sniff sniff “Yummy” I’m DEAD😂😂😂

  14. Simply Download Trainer And Apply Disappear Zombie.. Damn

  15. brick is the best option to kill a single clicker it saves resources

  16. The back of their head isn’t even armored so the revolver blast should one shot them. Clicker are kinda op for no legitimate reason tbh

  17. Nothing can't ve fixed with a Molotov cocktail 😂

  18. Would love to see the new last of us 2 boss 😂

  19. What if if there's a giant clicker zombie

  20. What’s with all the Molotov cocktails

  21. Love how Joel is literally in a apocalypse and he's just filming tips and tricks videos on TikTok lol
    "Hey, Joel here, uh…"

  22. Alright this is going directly into the Columbus' rule book in Zombieland.

  23. I did not expect to see yoy disrespect a clicker like that 😭

  24. I don’t even play or watch TLOU but these Joel videos are starting to become my comfort videos

  25. Bro, that’s uncle dying from lumbago and he had a low honor. Also, he shot a kid.

  26. 3 head shots: 🚫
    Random piece of metal: 💀

  27. "Best method to stopping a clicker is to shove a whole Molotov cocktail in any holes of the clicker either by Mouth or smn"


    -Signed by Joel

    -published by joel

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