How to create a simple Clicker Game with Unity? Quick Unity 2D tutorial. -

How to create a simple Clicker Game with Unity? Quick Unity 2D tutorial.

Alexander Zotov
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In this video I am going to show you how to create a simple Clicker Game with cute kitten and small store (shop) with surprises to buy.
We will create two UI panels one of it will be game panel and another will be a shop panel. Earn currency by clicking (stroking) a cat and buy goods in a game shop to make a kitten happy. This is just a base that can be used to create a big and much more complicated clicker game.
Hope you like this tutorial)

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  1. You've got to love this guys videos; they're awesome. Keep it up, and thanks!

  2. This is a nice, but very quick video. I will need to watch a few times to understand it all and get the script correct, but I like this style of tutorial. It really gets to the point. Thank you. ( p.s. I just started with unity a few weeks ago so many people may be able to understand more quickly)

  3. Sir please make tutorial for simple cricket game

  4. a system error is that although the object is in sold I can buy it as many times as I want

  5. please Dungeon clicker Enemys click and Shop npc Automatic clicks

  6. please tell me, i want to make a tom cat game like when i touch on object animation will play ? and when i touch on head animation will play? make a video please

  7. Hi. Your tutorials are amazing! Can you make a tutorial for simple cooking game in which we can drag items in bowl and stir and the food is ready? I'll be very grateful

  8. Pleas tell me, how to update items in the store to be more expensive, and they strokes off automatically? Thank you for this great video 🙂

  9. here i am again, hi there good day sir, im creating a cooking game, wonder if you know how to make a customer satisfy or not? the logic is when the player takes too long to respond in the customer or serve the dish, just like in COOKING MAMA

  10. for me there is no such thing as gamecontrolscript that you have to add at the end idk what to do?

    pls help

  11. Dear everyone! The best help from you is to share this video! Thanks in advance)

  12. Alexander – can you please explain everything little bit faster? On this video I need to use 1.5x speed or just get bored…

  13. Thank you! It's very simple, fast and really useful tutorial

  14. This is a great tutorial! However how would you keep the amount of “strokes” if you were to make the store a separate scene from the game and switch between the two? Everytime i try it deletes all of my valuable ints

  15. Alexander why the function in One click is not showing to me. i made everything like u

  16. What version of Unity did you use? Can you do this game on Unity 5.5.0?

  17. Imma actually try to copy this because i know nothing about Unity or programming/coding..I'd like to make a easy clicker game with shop and main menu..I would also like to add pause button and game over menu..Can you help me about some of this stuff?Btw nice video 🙂

  18. absolute legend!!! I followed this tutorial briefly and altered majority of the code, but this is a perfect guide for beginners, easy to follow and comprehend.

  19. Thank you!! It's so basic and so quickly, I wanted this video but I couldn't see short than 2 hours.

  20. The whole game less then in 10 minutes! Perfect! Thank you very much!

  21. How can I apply this code to multiple stroke when bought, Please ;(using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;

    public class Upgrade : MonoBehaviour

    public Click click;
    public UnityEngine.UI.Text itemInfo;
    public float cost;
    public int count = 0;
    public int clickPower;
    public string ItemName;
    private float _newCost;

    void Update()
    itemInfo.text = ItemName + "nCost: " + cost + "nPower: " + clickPower;

    public void PurchasedUpgrade()
    if ( >= cost)
    { -= cost;
    count += 1;
    click.goldperclick += clickPower;
    cost = Mathf.Round(cost * 1.15f);
    _newCost = Mathf.Pow(cost, _newCost = cost);

  22. Your tutorials are so good! They aren't boring, as the others' tutorials, so i'm interested in watching your vids! you have a nice voice 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  23. Pls help me why i cant move scripts into the game pls

  24. I Cant add scrip behaviour TMP selectionCaret need derive from behaviour pls help me

  25. Can someone please share a link with documentation on unity. I like to learn this method. Thank you.

  26. stupid video. cuz it doeesnt have any upgrades. i disliked

  27. This is only basic if you want more go find intermid, or advanced stuff.. or just do it yourself learn the hard way 🙂

  28. I Enjoyed this video Liked Subbed and hope you make more of these but a little bit more stuff at a time

  29. Very good video, but I need a second store on the left, but I don't know how to do it. I tried two scripts or

    rewrite the original script but nothing helped me .. Can anyone help me or send the script? Thx Hanz.

    /Edit I fixed the main problem, but I still have three small problems. 1) When I buy an item on the left, the item on the right is automatically purchased. 2) On the left side are the same prices as on the right .. 3) 2 items from the left side are still on the screen. Can anyone help me? 😀

  30. hello every one
    where can i find the assests for this game??
    please help me😫

  31. Tbf looked pretty simple gona give it ago with different images later today very clean tutorial that man

  32. Your content is very precise and informative. Things i learn from watching your videos ,i am able to apply them in many different ways to my own projects. Thanks you so much. Highly appreciated.

  33. You are amazing, thank you for this tutorial!

  34. this guy isnt even erading his comments he just likes them even the mean ones?!

  35. This is a great example for a start.
    For instance, you can transform this simple game into something like items falling down the screen in a certain time limit and you try to click as many as you can.
    The items unlocked to the right can be awards for clicking certain number of falling items within a small time frame. Great starter project for a toddler game

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