How to Create a Simple Clicker Game in Scratch -

How to Create a Simple Clicker Game in Scratch

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Welcome to our second Scratch tutorial! In this tutorial, I (MCBRex), will be showing you how to create a simple clicker game in Scratch.
Link to Scratch is .
Link to the Scratch tutorial of this is: .
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  1. You help me so much I’m making a coin clicker game where you click a coin and upgrade how much you get per click and now I’m adding an auto clicker one thanks to you

  2. Thanks i have to do a open scratch project. And i wanted to do a clicker game.

  3. When flag clicked
    Set money or whatever to 0
    If touching mouse pointer
    If mouse down
    Set size to pick random 50 70
    Wait untill not touching mousepointer

  4. haha I've already created a tycoon game with a clicking dropper and an auto dropper and an upgrade conveyor all by myself lol but I think your video would be pretty cool

  5. I like the video but the video resolution is too low. I see you are using Windows, so you can press both (windows symbol) and G together and an automatic screen recorder comes up!

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