How to create a clicker game in Scratch -

How to create a clicker game in Scratch

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A great tutorial for absolute beginners to follow with step by step instructions.

Code and demo available at


  1. my clicker has upgrades affecting how much stuff you get im making a creeper clicker and gunpowder is money looting is how much gunpowder you get. Im stuck with making it o that when my looting is upgraded it gives you a buff. each click gets 1.25 more gunpowder for each upgrade but i dont know how to do that. someone help me

  2. the letter moving for the "upgrade" sign did not work

  3. 12:49 I laughed so hard cause it sounded like you were raging. A good laugh btw. Great vid!

  4. it wont count the click as you click the cat

  5. Think of it this way,if there are some numbers with -FontName
    Just use this
    (Join(letter 1 of Clicks)(-FontName))
    That might work

  6. thanks, helped me out alot, im a noob when it comes tothis type of stuff, i learned alot

  7. for some reason when i click it it stays at zero

  8. @Learn Learn Scratch Tutourials i prome
    Your channel on my scratch projekt name
    "Scratch clicker game IV"
    Pls see this thanks for you

  9. is it ok if i put this on scratch i have made a few changes to it and i didn't do any upgrades just wanted your permission first,thanks.

  10. um i have this clicker. and weapons are bugged out. it's in polish but i think you can try to fix it. pls

  11. dude im stuck my game just makes it three everytime and i have all the right codes why is this im on 11:38 right now

  12. All my numbers go with each other like I have 5 digit and then when I click they all do 1

  13. Pls help my clicks per second keep going up by 3 when it says change by one

  14. Why didn't you just pause da video then un-pause when you were at 100?
    Otherwise great video

  15. thanks soooo much for your tutorials this clicker got me 2483 loves 2479 favourites!!!!

  16. me: how on earth is people is gonna get 100,000 CLICK

    Flash: I CAN do it in 1 second

  17. 9:03 we cant do this in the new version
    oh and another way to do it: [repeat until <(costume[number] = 7]: [create clone of [myself]] [move 10 steps]]

  18. when I clicked, the "clicks" don't increased

  19. So I want tell you that when I used this tutorial it didn't work well let me explain so when my click rate is over 100 it doesn't change he amount of clicks I get per click how come I did the intire code but it just didn't work cps didn't work so it might be the version I'm in so I could like if you could tell me how to fix this.

  20. for the part where you change the click rate to 3 it doesn't work for me it just flashes between 2 and 3

  21. i did it but i changed it to were you use the space bar witch ultimately made it easier for me 😀

  22. Even Though This Came Out In 2018, This Still Works!

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