How to add 2 Upgrades in the Clicker Game in Scratch | Scratch -

How to add 2 Upgrades in the Clicker Game in Scratch | Scratch

Alex Steve
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  1. I was making a game called Apple clicker lol

  2. I cant get this to work when buying an upgrade

  3. I tried to make this and it was working so well untill I tried to buy and upgrade. Also when I click on upgrades than go out when I enter back in the upgrades they are not there, please help.
    -Yeet ooo

  4. Everytime i try buying something in my game it does give me the upgrade pls explain.

  5. Bro, 32 minutes of you making an animation for the shop and buttons, 3 minutes of actual tutorial

  6. Excuse me, could you do a tutorial on how to make a second page in the store?

  7. Yooo great vid but 1 thing its my counter, i did exactly what you told me i rewatched vid 8 times and it still doesnt work. pls help me

  8. i like to make a shop part 2 in the cilcker game

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  10. Doesn't work for me and I watched this video 9 times

  11. Everything is good but when I close the shop the first time and then reopen it, the buttons get stuck. I have to press the shopclose code 2 time for the upgrades to go up, why??

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