How is Cookie Clicker going Brandon?... "well..." -

How is Cookie Clicker going Brandon?… “well…”

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Is there a dark side to cookies? well, if baked correctly, yes. But how about cookie clicker? yes. very dark. This is a video about the dark side of cookie clicker and how long it took to get all of the achievements. I have over 500 hours in this game and have completed all of the achievements. It has been quite difficult.


  1. i don't believe it is that hard to get 100% achievements it's just time consuming

  2. When's the last time you listened to Stuff you Should Know?

  3. Love this game and it’s crazy to see someone absolutely destroy it like you did 👍🏻

  4. wait your on the steam version but you have 15 duoquinquagagintillion how did you get that

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