How I Made Cookie Clicker In Roblox -

How I Made Cookie Clicker In Roblox

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How I Made Cookie Clicker In Roblox
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Hello Everybody! In this video I show how I remade the legendary cookie clicker in Roblox. Should I transform more popular games into Roblox games?

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  1. the way you fix the gui is by making the gui like thisI = invisL = the imageIILso it doesnt overlapbasically im saying make the image at the bottom

  2. When you buy and auto clicker it should appear on the cookie above

  3. Good job your game will be so good I am so excited to play the game and I loved good job

  4. Can you make full tutorial on how to make a hexa game from fall guys pls?

  5. Hello DeHapy can you make tutorials on how to make games?

  6. I think you should start making pets, it really makes everyone want to play your game.

  7. Very nice game, i get it a like! and also, how did you learned to script like that? thanks<3

  8. Could you please tell me what softwares you used during this to get everything, blender, Roblox studio and if there are any others could you tell me please thanks!

  9. This is one of the best dev vids I’ve seen! Nice work and inspiring 🔥🔥

  10. haven’t been here in hella long but i’ve seen you working on this game 💀 much love i miss you fr

  11. bro i want to make a cookie clicker but it's bad btw new subscriber

  12. Are you done working on your mini game?

  13. awesome video no way i could script that much tho

  14. Yo the scripting and building is looking amazing!

  15. There was definitely chaos during the first testing phase

  16. The Game is good but I was number 1 on the leaderboard and I had to rejoin and then I lost all my progress. I was also playing for 3 hours so if you could add a save button or a save feature that would be helpful. 😀

  17. You are the only person who explains what you do and go through the process and have inspired me to try to script my own game thanks

  18. dam thats impressive
    imma buy the gamepasses to support u

  19. how the hell do u only have 1k subs for this much high quality content!?

    Edit: Amazing btw

  20. Hey can you add a golden cookie that appears every 5 minutes

  21. maybe i will come to play and buy some gamepass

  22. Best gammeee everr in top 2 glitch- top 2 don't show legs and when u updating luv u bro

  23. is the game public because I cant find the game

  24. This might not fit into the game. But could you add dungeons in the game and you can fight bosses and tou deal damage each time you click but very little so it’s balanced.. when it does I get a chest and it gives accessories like the 2x cookie clicking stuff like that. I’m not phone.

  25. Im easily the best cookie clicker player in the game right now i have 6.3 billion cookies

  26. Could u make more videos on this game I have been playing it for a while and really like it btw could u make some videos where u show us the results of your game

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