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Hollywood Billionaire – Clicker Game for Android and iPhone

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LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! If your dream is to become A STAR, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Do you have what it takes to take over HOLLYWOOD and click your way to the TOP? Star your own movies: from thrillers to AMAZING comedies, from cute romances to BOLD westerns… Show what you’ve got: CREATE, PRODUCE AND STAR your own films!

Fancy your own STAR in the HALL OF FAME? Imagine yourself winning an UNIQUE Leonardo DiPrize? How about becoming a BILLIONAIRE? Having tons of FANS? What are you waiting for? Click and manage the greatest and brightest career Hollywood has ever seen: YOURS!

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  2. Can't you make so that we can change the gender of the character because if we don't want to be a girl

  3. cadê a atualização do vlogger go viral

  4. Я сейчас сижу и плачу почему так мало игр для майкрософт ПОЖАЙЛУСТА СДЕЛАЙТЕ БОЛЬШЕ ИГР ДЛЯ МАЙКРОСОФТ

  5. Tapps please restore my progress on vlogger go viral when I pressed app info it got deleted for no reason

  6. Wow Im happy To see TH is Im proud of you guys you make good games

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