High Profit Gameplay: #1 - NEW DRUG CLICKER GAME! - PC Walkthrough Playthrough - GPV247 - androidgamestore.net

High Profit Gameplay: #1 – NEW DRUG CLICKER GAME! – PC Walkthrough Playthrough – GPV247

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High Profits Walkthrough / High Profits Gameplay Facecam: Pt 1 – “NEW DRUG CLICKER GAME!” – High Profits Playthrough Let’s Play for PC in 1080p HD 60fps! (Drug Game 2017)
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In this High Profits Walkthrough series you shall be seeing the journey of Gameplayvids247’s progression in this game. This is a High Profits guide for the PC/Steam version of the game. You will be seeing all High Profits drugs and characters in the game while also seeing my on the fly review. This is a funny pot farm high profits series by gpv247!

Ever wanted to make money from your own Grow-Op? High Profits is your go-to weed growing game.. Gorgeous Graphics, Chill Music and Quirky Characters make this Pot Growing Game Highly Addictive!

Add cash to your stash, track your earnings, diversify your pot portfolio and Make Profits!

Click away, become a virtual Millionaire, Billionaire, Trillionaire, Decillionaire or even a Duodecillionaire!

And if you earn enough and are brave enough, you may be able to purchase enough plutonium to travel back in time and compete in the legendary Game of Stoned!

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  1. Alright Vince, let me be honest with you. I liked the video because I support you and your channel. However, I don't think that this type of gameplay is suitable for your audience considering the majority of them are so young. I don't know how much validity my opinion has to you, but I hope you'll take this into consideration.

  2. Oh and on Steam people are saying that the game files get corrupted when you reload the game so be careful.

  3. That game is like AdventureCapitalists

  4. that's pretty much adventure capitalist except with drugs

  5. To get more than 1 click the button on the top right

  6. This game is a 100% rip off of Adventure Capitalist. This game is also abit buggy, play adventure capitalist instead. AdCap is really good.

  7. the buying multiple buttons is in the top right hand corner @gameplayvids24/7

  8. Just play adventure capitalist instead, it's cleverer and had more things you can do

  9. as i was just thinking i should recommend this to you, i go on your channel and see youve already started playing it xd

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