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Hacker (Clicker Game) – Android Gameplay HD

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Hacker Clicker Game by Fentazy
When you started developing exploits, you realized the power of what you do and you made some bad decisions that took you to the dark side. Your family and friends tried to protect you from what was going to happen, but you obviously did not listen to them.
That day when police came to your house to confiscate your belongings, they realized you’re not just a kid with computer skills. They saw in you one smart kid who might become a very helpful to society man. The police officer came up with an offer straight away:
“You have two options, kid. You can cooperate and help us make the world a better place or you can spend the rest of your live in jail. What’s it going to be? The choice is all yours, kiddo”.
You made a smart decision and for that reason now you help catching big and small criminals all around the globe. The world is in great need of you. To prove yourself like the good hacker, you need to complete all missions that police comes to you with.
Here’s your first mission, good luck…
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