Grow Your Scratch Game With These Hacks! -

Grow Your Scratch Game With These Hacks!

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Learn how to transform a simple Scratch game into something amazing with just 4 scripts 🙂

Project Link:

Jackson Academy Number Display

McVincient Button Script

In this Scratch video we will add sunshine, water, mulch, and fertilizer to your plant, so it can grow into something beautiful. Donutask will show simple Scratch tips, Scratch hacks, and Scratch coding to improve your game.

0:00 – Let’s grow your game!
0:22 – Sunshine
1:38 – Water
3:51 – Mulch
6:56 – Fertilizer
10:53 – I go outside

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Icons from and
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Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

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  1. When I make the glow effect that spins, for some reason it doesn't spin in spot?
    May You Help Me?
    If You do thank you!

  2. Thanks! I'm currently making a pumpkin clicker for halloween and this really helped. I will give credits, promise!

  3. this man doesn't know physics he is physics

  4. the subscribe button flashed a rainbow color when he said to sub

  5. i actually have to say that this is pretty good, i combined this with your previous video about making a cookie clicker but when i buy something with two digist or more, the last digist are still there! i don't know what to do about that

  6. I wanna credit you for the game. What's your Scratch username?

  7. i saw an add rn where the god closed heaven💀💀

  8. i made mine but the numbers weren't in the middle💀💀💀 and when i got to 4000 it just expanded to the right of the screen💀💀💀 someone please help me
    edit: I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING it doesn't center the right side just expands if anyone knows how to fix please help me.

  9. its called ((decimal from 0 to 1)*((size you want it to get to)-(size)))

  10. Tip(that everyone knows):for more digits change repeat clones from 10 to length of [your Variable name]

  11. no, my project indeed doesnt look like a dry plant in a pot of soil, no

  12. For some reason the glow number only shows the first number for me

  13. I would like an FNF in SCRATCH tutorial 🎤🔼🔽▶️

  14. thanks for the tip i love it very much and i support your channel

  15. At the water part you can use a “and” block and not 2 “if” blocks for less space and also you can the “clicks” variable into a large readout it’s looks better😂😅

  16. My numbers did not work. Why do you think that is? I copied all the code my numbers are jumbled together

  17. Hey! Its been a long time, Just for a flashback: I commented that the numbers didnt work. How's it going?

  18. when i tried to run the numbers get really big. how can i solve it?

  19. Greatest Tutorial Ever (I mean it)

  20. Step 1. Get better. Seriously. If you game isnt atleast as good as mine, its not gonna grow.

  21. if you wnat negative numbers to work, simply make a costume 12 name it "-" in the script making clones make it do it 11 times, make a if clone ID = 10 set Clone ID to "-"

  22. Hey!! I love your tut, but the numbers are not working. Any way to fix it?

  23. great tutorial i can now make better clicker games

  24. bro you need to credit grifpatch and McVincient

  25. The numbers thing has a big problem: when i click the cat, the number changes forever.

  26. You really helped me with this, thanks!

  27. bro Donutask i got no glitches bro iam your biggest fan

  28. Hey, can you help me? My 0 on the numbers doesn't work

  29. When I use the number thing it keeps hiding and setting the ten didgit to the first number like 25 is 2 and 99 is 9

  30. is your channel called donut task or do not ask

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