Granny Sweatshops Made Me A Billionaire - Cookie Clicker -

Granny Sweatshops Made Me A Billionaire – Cookie Clicker

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Why would I click cookies when I can make your grandma click them for me?

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. Have you heard that you can change the name of the bakery. Put “opensesame”

  2. Hey Captainsauce, the new form update is out!!!

  3. hey cap check out team seas and sonate check out mark rober and mrbeasts vid about it

  4. I have been a fan of you for so long and I would love to see battle cats again if you see this Captain sauce please bring back battle cats.

  5. I hope this becomes a small series

  6. what happened to the everyday posts? just worried as the videos arent getting posted as much

  7. Can yiu play battle cats now? Theres a mecha bun bun in Stories of Legends

  8. Play road of the dead 2 in the next video because its has so many awesome cars

  9. Oh yeah, that's the good stuff- Captain sauce 2021

  10. I've never missed a upload and i wont be missing any anytime soon

  11. So i did my research and a bit of game play so Expect A lab And Rockets

  12. captain sauce is running out of games to play lol

  13. i have a tip for you get at least five achivements then click your bakeryname and then rename your bakery "Oritiel Saysopensesame"

  14. it’s nice to see some retro games on the channel, it’s good to see the first idle game ever made getting an actually recognization.

  15. when yout tube sees this intro they will be like DEMONETIZED

  16. Day 1 of trying to get cap to play inscryption

  17. Cookies can solve everything lol and can be misinterpreted this game rules 😂😈😏

  18. When is cap gonna make another one? It's been 4 days

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