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Goat Evolution – Clicker Game for iPhone and Android

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They yell like humans, climb trees and even mountains. Yes, goats are crazy creatures for sure. What would happen if mutations started happening to them? Combine goats to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!

From the guys that couldn’t resist releasing yet another nonsensical sequel to Cow Evolution and Platypus Evolution, comes… guess what… Goat Evolution! Come on, goats are rad.

Plus, more mutations, upgrades and all-new game features never seen in the land of mutant cows and platypi.

“Seriously? Here we goat again.” – Ram Don Playa
“Now we’re talking, things just goat serious.”

• Drag and drop similar goats to combine them and create new mysterious creatures
• Use goat poop coins to buy new creatures and make even more money
• Alternatively, fiercely tap the goats to make coins pop from pooping

• 5 stages and over 30 goat species to discover: bucks, does, billies, nannies, alpaca goats, robot goats, alien goats and much more
• The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, 2048 and incremental clicker games
• Doodle-like illustrations
• Many possible endings: find your own destiny
• Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades…! More than ever!
• No goats were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Watch the process of evolution in a very peculiar way. You think you goat this? Then think no more, download Goat Evolution now start playing the very baaaa-st game of this year.

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  1. I remember playing this when it came out 6 years later, and I'm playing it again

  2. make it on app store and update platypus evolution

  3. For some reason I can't fuse adult goats. Some of them I can, but most refuse to be mutated. The only way they can be is by the magnet thing. fix it please 😃

  4. When is the next update for goat evolution?


  6. This game is shit.

    Sorry, I meant "This game HAS shit".

  7. I used to play this 5 year ago and forgot about it for 4 years

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