Giant Bombcast GOTY 2015 - Best Clicker Game Of 2015 -

Giant Bombcast GOTY 2015 – Best Clicker Game Of 2015

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  1. Listening to the dudes get sucked in to clickers in real time is fascinating

  2. I know they're kinda-sorta-joking about Anno, but it really is an extremely dumbed down city builder that took out a lot of what made the series good and is all about making the numbers bigger.

  3. Austin's justification for Anno is some of the funniest shit to come out of the GOTY podcasts.

  4. Thanks to this video, I'm now addicted to Trimps

  5. austin didn't even bring up that sometimes things come hover across the screen and you have to click on them to get more numbers.

  6. can you post the Jeff gerstmann wwe supercard segment from GOTY 2014? it's arguably even funnier than this.

  7. You click on things to make numbers go up. (Mmhmm)
    You hire things to make things go up for you. (Yeah!?)
    There are combat scenarios in which you click on things (Preach!)
    There's modern corporate culture. (True.)
    Numbers keep going up! (Uh huh!)
    So satisfying! (Bring it on.)

  8. I miss Austin, he really blended well with everyone 🙁

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