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GDevelop Clicker Game

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GDevelop Clicker Game is a tutorial to show you how to create that of a clicker game in gdevelop.

Video Time-Stamps:

intro on clicker games:- 0:00
gdevelop clicker tutorial:- 1:10
talk about this channel growth: 26:31
new website reveal: 27:08

What GDevelop is:

GDevelop is a fun and easy-to-use game maker application for everyone. With GDevelop you can create your own 2D games without a budget and share your games.

Summary On Clicker Games:

Clicker Games are fun games that work with clicks, tap, or touch. These games fall under the clicker game genre.

Clicker games work on the concept of incremental which in programming is usually represented as plus plus (++) and as such are called incremental games.

Clicker Games also go by the name idle games and have become very popular with their simplicity of gameplay, this genre of games are addictive due to their ability to tap into the reward system of the player’s brain by rewarding them with gifts, points, coins for every click which keeps the player motivated to play the game for longer hours.

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Heads Up: sorry for the poor background sounds I found myself in a noisy environment.

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  1. it didnt work might be cause im 2 years to late

  2. Thanks for the video, is there a way to count the click only once? I'm trying to create a score for my quiz game if you click on the good answer is +1, bad answer is -1. and it counts only the first click. Do you think it's feasible? thanks

  3. my game score goes like Score:0123456 but i followed through with your actions perfectly.Any idea on whats the problem i got?

  4. Great video, thanks for this tutorial! Wish you could’ve shared a file with all assets used in this tutorial so it’d be easier to follow along and make sure everything looks right.

  5. You are talking about your site, but where is the link?

  6. Like, subscribe or donate to get him out of the poor environment! 👏

  7. The background is so pretty and have really learn a lot from this video

  8. Love it! Pls do more!

  9. How do I make the enemy move to point A and then stand for a few seconds … then move to point B and then stand for a few seconds … and continue to do so until his end

  10. My clicker sprite won't stop its animation after I clicked it. What do I do?

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