Gdevelop clicker game tutorial -

Gdevelop clicker game tutorial

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This took me 3 – 4 days to figure out. It’s not perfect, but as bad gamedev put it “If it works, good enough.”


  1. This is great stuff, I just downloaded gdevelop 2 weeks ago and have been following tutorials. This looks great for a simple first game for me tyvm.

  2. That was a joke GrayStillPlays said that when he played 'Learn to Fly Idle'.

  3. It will help me in get started. I want to surprise my friend. Thank you :). BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY.

  4. And just one more thing can you add something that takes away points when you buy an upgrade?

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