GameMaker:Studio How To Make a Clicker Game #2 -

GameMaker:Studio How To Make a Clicker Game #2

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I finish how to make a clicker game, i’ll create a third video on adding the boot polish to the game.


  1. lil' dude, I have been doing game dev for like a month or two, decided to join a game jam to get some sense of direction, and you are the only one with a tutorial on clickers. I have 5 days to make a clicker game, and at the very least you got me started. Thank you 😂

  2. thx m8 ima millionaire now, ill give you half.

  3. How do you make it so that whenever you buy something the price of the item goes up?

  4. How would you save the game show when they leave and come back, it's the way they left off?

  5. Object: obj_StoreButton1 Key Pressed: Key Press – Left at line 6 : unknown function or script If

  6. it says there is a error in the store button

    action number 1
    of Mouse Event for Left Pressed
    for object obj_store:

    COMPILATION ERROR in code action
    Error in code at line 2:

    at position 1: Assignment operator expected.

    but its the exact same as the video is it because I'm in Game Maker 8 pro?

  7. Does anyone know how to make it so the money value doesn’t reset to 0 the first time I go to the store? I checked and my objects are persistent

  8. How to create buy button, with the price go up? So the +5 click button for 100$ and if the player buy it, the price goes up to 200$?

  9. "Sorry, I'm not good at this." Are you out of your frickin mind you're so damn fast

  10. aaaa please make more of these! Its all I have to make my own clicker xD

  11. Everyone that is having problems with the Obj button that suppose to add by 5 after $500 go back under & edit the scrip that says global.PC & change it to global.PS worked for me. Kid had a error… Your welcome!

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