Game Endings Almost Nobody Has Ever Seen -

Game Endings Almost Nobody Has Ever Seen

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  1. Donkey kongs endings
    Ending one:STRAIGHT
    Ending two:SUICIDE
    Ending three:Lgtbq

  2. ⚠︎︎ This user is near your location

  3. I have 907 score (etc. Chrome dink game) then I saw a night screen at 700 score

  4. Dinosaur game: we are the only game that can play with no Internet

    Geometry Dash: We copied your whole game bruh………..

  5. LoverFella has been on the grind tbh and I appreciate that, he’s even been posting for members only too.

  6. LoverFella has been on the grind tbh and I appreciate that, he’s even been posting for members only too.

  7. Thanks for showing me for the level 999 in flappybird

  8. "So how gay are you?„
    Mario: uhm.. yes?

  9. I was going to say tetris till i realized someone already finished it

  10. I’ve finished all 3 steps and I’ve been a puggo fan since 2023! The cupcake, balloon boy and Funtime Freddy bity pops are my favourite!

  11. I never knew the dinosaur game was a thing…

  12. The donkey Kong one is fake there is only one ending

  13. I thought it was another fake sabucha channel

  14. Flappy bird one is not true. I made it past 3,000 on the original game. I consider that a very big achievement in my life.

  15. The flappy bird Mario ending is fake. One of the videos was made by someone who is really good at making 8 bit animations and did content based on Mario. And there is nothing related to Mario or an ending to the game mentioned or seen anywhere in the game's files. The rest of the endings in this video could be real, I have no idea

  16. The last one they have donario😂

  17. The Dino game does end so bassiclly what happens at the end is the Dino gets flowers and then the Dino sees the girl Dino he loved with somene else which makes him angry

  18. At the end of pacman ots not random its actually game codr interpreted is sprite data

  19. Me seeing level 256 on pacman: I cant even beat level one

  20. Mario literally being gay
    Him:pReEtY cOoL rIgHt?

  21. I used cheat to be Dino game in less than 5 minutes

  22. The Pac-man ending is called a Killscreen, which is a video game phenomenon where the game becomes completely unplayable after a certain amount of time due to programming faults, it's also how Tetris was beaten.

  23. Fact:the random colors and numbers were added into the game called "PAC-MAN 256"

  24. One of my buddies had the original flappy bird back in 2015, he had made it past level 1000 and it keeps going as normal

  25. Now 44million 79thousand 747 ppl has seen it

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