Fox Evolution - Clicker Game - All Evolution -

Fox Evolution – Clicker Game – All Evolution

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Combine foxes to mutate them, discover their bizarre and exotic forms, and become rich! You can also customize your foxes them with tons of accessories in the dressing room!
Create tons of amazing foxes in this cute evolution game. As you create more foxes, you will discover new worlds and eventually capture the entire planet!

Your foxes will generate coins while you are away, that you can use to evolve even more foxes! You can even feed them berries!

As you create more and more evolutions and mutations, your foxes will generate even more coins for you!

What are you waiting for? Unlike many other evolution games, Fox Evolution has no pop up ads! Download this game now and witness the best evolution ever!

Drag similar foxes together to combine them and create new mysterious creatures
Foxes automatically earn coins but you can tap them to earn coins faster
Use coins to buy new foxes and make even more money

The ultimate incremental clicker game
Tons of upgrades to get more foxes faster
Dressing room included so you can evolve in style
Earn coins from your foxes while offline
Four different areas to discover
Tons of crazy evolutions

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  1. make an alpaca monster dash – all evolution!

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