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Flappy Bird ending

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  1. Game ending that literally almost no one has seen:

  2. “Congrats, you completed the tutorial, now play level 0.00000 on your own! Good luck!!! :D”

  3. Is it bad I still have this game on a old phone

  4. My record is literally 1040 but it so hard I tried for 6 hour and reach only 1040 than I deleted it😅

  5. The fact that the Piranha Plants, the Bullet Bills, the Koopas, and the Goombas all foreshadowed the ending

  6. The video is edited yet you guys really believe it's the real ending lol

  7. 999/1000… BBBBBRRRRRRUHHHHH edit: raaahhhh

  8. Flappy bird was made as an infinite scroller game, so it has no ending, and it was made in Python, which means that you could probably take a look into the source code and see for yourself.

  9. Its actually mario throwing fireballs until you die

  10. This is fake if you dont know
    At the actual end theres mario who throws a fire ball and kills you

  11. Wait this makes sense mario pipes in flappy bird

  12. Guys do you actually actually when you pass the old hammer guys you get Mario and his throws fire balls until you die. If you get to the ground too much, she can jump on you.

  13. Mario: what heck are you in my game
    Flappy bird: what are you talking about

  14. omg your so close to get to the 1000 goal

  15. You lost 9999999999999999999999998.
    Try again.

  16. Instructions unclear, a bullet bill came and shot me with a glock

  17. The ending be like : yessir finally someone can win
    That creature be like : nope

  18. Aaaaaaaaaaa😡😡😡😡😡😡

    You be like😂

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