Farm and Click Walkthrough - #1 - NEW FARM CLICKER GAME! - (Android Gameplay Let's Play) - GPV247 -

Farm and Click Walkthrough – #1 – NEW FARM CLICKER GAME! – (Android Gameplay Let’s Play) – GPV247

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Farm and Click Gameplay Walkthrough: #1 – NEW FARM CLICKER GAME! – [Farm and Click: Simple Farming Clicker PC Android Let’s Play Commentary]


Farm and Click! Make hay and tap away!

Love farming simulators? New idle farming game is ready to blow your mind! Prepare for the farming revolution! Prepare to grow the most awesome farm of all time! You’ll be breaking records for cultivating animals and plants in this clicker game! Pigs, cows, chickens, horses, corn and potatoes – grow all of them. Bring your friends into your game as hired farm hands and keep playing to discover more…will the future hold cats, dogs, horses, fish, dragons or even candy unicorns?

SIMPLE & EASY – Tap, click and swipe to grow plants and animals! That is so relaxing!
GROW ENDLESSLY! – Upgrade your farm and earn while you’re away!
UNIQUE GAMEPLAY – Harvest all your crops for new bonuses and seeds.
SUPER HELP – Increase production by making it rain and ask Grand Pa to play his banjo!
FRIEND FARMERS – Hire friends to help you and customize your farm! Your Facebook friends are waiting for you!
INVEST WISELY – Develope your strategy on when harvest and to upgrade.
TENDER LOVE – We have put a lot of care into our game!
PLAY OFFLINE! – The world’s best idle farming simulator is free to play online or offline!

Click and Farm is a great game for all the family. Your fam will love it!


  1. Gameplayvids247 So many clicker games. Which is your favourite?

  2. how do you get the achule game on the pc

  3. Play "Farm away" please its the original version of this game and its way better

  4. this game is just build away with diffrent "farms" and "upgrades"

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  6. do you know how seed magic works I bought it and it didn't seem to do anything for me.

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