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Escaped Reality Podcast – Clicker Games

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What Makes “Clicker Games” Good?

Escaped Reality is the first Reality Escape Podcast where we answer your comments and keep the conversation going! Today’s episode features Ghostboy and Gundamfang as they talk about the addictive qualities of incremental games, having your own opinions, and the mission statement of Reality Escape for the future.

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  1. I am strange for the fact that I prefer the prequels to the original star wars. I think the memes made it for me honestly. Specially Her Jer Bunks.

  2. Ok so.

    I was watching videos about idle games and then yours was suggested to me. I watched it.

    And then a long while later this video shows up on my reccomended. Neat

  3. I kinda addicted to Hearts of Iron 4, i pretty much hate that game, and it works mostly like clicker games. I watched entire video while playing it in small window, so i guess the strategies like it, or crusader kings could be counted as idle games. I'm glad that I found that channel of yours, you are really entertaining, so keep it up.

  4. This channel is a great example of quality over quantity

  5. Oh god next video is about Tower Defense!? Yep! I really want to see people talk about it for some time.

  6. glad you have this "behind the scenes" or "Aftermath" video 🙂 you guys are great, and I enjoyed your video on a weird niche genre that I spent some time in for a while. I remember finding the song "safe and sound" having one window with that open in a youtube video repeat thing, and cookie clicker open, did that for a week, just that song and cookies. idk, just a moment from my past that is surprisingly vivid despite my normally sht memory. anyways, ily 🙂

  7. Ok honestly, you're voice is soooo smooth. Great work!

  8. I actually like it even when you go far off topic. You guys work well together and I enjoy the topics. (Pokemon etc)

  9. you said that idle games dont have strategy, but I think that strategy is the main thing about this game. strategy doesnt have to be how do you move characters or what attack will you do, in clicker/idle games for me the strategy is what you will do with your resources that you have in hand (can be the cookies in cookie clicker, hero souls on clicker heroes…) and use them to progress faster, making you think of where (and sometimes when) you want to spend them (other idle games like Soda Dungeon have strategy like other strategy games)

    I am going to say, there are idle/clicker games made for you to spend more and more money on them in microtransactions (happens more on mobile), so finding an idle/clicker game that doesnt do that can be sometimes hard, but there are some really good idle/clicker/incremental games. Of the top of my head (and excluding the ones in the video) what i can think of are:
    Spaceplan, starts out as an normal idle game but gets really fun and by the end of it you may even forget that is an idle game, Succubox, its more of an irony, but its still really enjoyable and keeps switching the mechanics, but you still have the same goal, and Universal Paperclips, that is like Succubox (keeps changing his mechanics) but it has way less irony. These 3 games have an end and are kinda of short (1-2 days max)

  10. i first thought this channel had one video and then was abandoned but, seeing this is great!

  11. I searched for video game podcasts to listen to as I walk my dog, and your video came up. I'm glad because I really enjoyed it and really like your positivity while voicing your opinions. Maybe I liked it so much because I agreed with almost all of it😁
    One thing that I wanted to comment on was the point you made about paying the developer as a tribute for enjoying a game. I see so many people who wouldn't think twice about buying a game for Switch or another console for $60 but angerly refuse to pay a penny for a "free game". Or rail on and on about a mobile game that charges $2.99 up front as being the worst rip off ever! 😑
    My gauge on that is how much time do I spend in a game? And how much do I enjoy it? If I went to a 2 hour movie, I would pay $10 for a ticket (and that's actually whether I liked it or not) Most people including myself may not want to pay $10 for 2 hours of gaming, but my point is that it's worth "something". I decide what limits to put on my spending and what the game is asking me to spend on. If it's skins that last the whole game, then fine. If it's expendable health that will be gone quickly by the next round, then no. On the converse side I see people extremely angry because they spent $300 on the game then lost their progress when their phone broke. I feel for them for sure, but perhaps those folks may be a bit naive when it comes to the vagarities of digital downloads. And who knows, maybe they're millionaires that can well afford the amount spent so I don't judge on that aspect. Then there's the folks who say ”I can't afford to buy this game so that makes it Ok for me to pirate it". A whole different discussion!
    I guess you can tell that this is a subject that triggers me! I don't play alot of mobile games but not because I dislike them. It's more that I have a tremendous backlog of games all the way back to the GB Advance that I look at guiltily as I watch YouTube videos instead…wait, that's actually a good thing…!
    Thanks for a great podcast that I very much enjoyed!

  12. I actually like the phantom menace more now than I did when it originally came out. Especially knowing how they were going to take the story originally.

  13. Unlucky that not as many people watched this as the last one. Great podcast.

    One thing i would like to add is dont be scared to say "i think this game is bad" its normal to have a negative opinion in something since its dificult to diferenciate the bad from the good if there is no bad

  14. holy crap you are great at commentary!
    i cant believe this is only your second video, the quality is insane

  15. I spend 7 hours a day at school so I believe that past 5 hours is unhealthy

  16. 34:25 thats like my bad habbit of down voting reddit posts that doesn't have many upvotes..
    even though i genuinly think their decent

  17. I was playing a clicker game whale you were saying you have to be doing something when ever you do anything

  18. Very good video keep up the good work and are you planing to open a patreon

  19. The quality of your videos is pretty great, especially for the size of your channel. But that doesn't mean I have a few things to gripe about, in this case, it's more about what you said than your video itself. In a large portion of the latter half of the video, you said things that made it seem like Civil Discussion and reviews were bad. If that wasn't the intent, some clearer word choice may be something to think about in the future when covering such topics. If that was sort of the view you were trying to tell, I have some problems with it. I would like to say before I continue I am in no way trying to put you down, make you feel stupid, or anything else. This is being made purely for constructive criticism, and civil discussion. The reviews on youtube, two people arguing over whether or not a game was objectively good, or whether something in that game is bad, or any other case similar, are all good for the health of the thing as a whole. I am not myself a game developer, but many game devs have talked or referenced some kind of criticism. The reason it is so important is that it makes the feedback the public gives a content creator/game dev, whatever, so much more reliable as well as just having more of it. If two people have differing opinions on a game, we will use Kingdom Hearts 3 for this example, and they converse about their opinions to each other, not only can they more understand opposing views, but they might agree on some things they did not like, and some things they did. Even if neither people's opinions on KH3 were changed, the developers now have more people who can accurately give feedback on that game, as the problems will be more talked about. As long as this was done civilly, nothing got worse, and the game will improve, or the other games that dev now makes will improve. Reviews do the same thing but on a bit of a larger scale. I'm open to have more discussion on the topic if it is something you decide you want to have.

  20. There are ways to feel accomplishment from an idle game, but they're self imposed. For example, I wrote a code for cookie clicker that allowed me to farm for shiny wrinklers. I felt very accomplished when I finally got 12 of them. Good times. I stopped after that, because that was a month of leaving the game on 24/7

  21. I found a clicker/idle game that you may like, if you have some time go check out "Idle Skilling" (it's a mobile app) ^^

  22. Antimatter Dimensions and its mods are the best clicker games!

  23. “You could have been doing other things than playing clicker games”

    That other thing is sometimes in my case coding clicker games

  24. Btw I'm way past 10k hours on Clicker Heroes, I feel ya

  25. i have mine defence, kittens game and basic game while listening to this

  26. I don't think trying to not challenge opinions is a dangerous thing. I respect what you want to do but please don't avoid talking about something interesting just because people really like it.

  27. Great podcast man. It really seems like a conversation between friends.

  28. i need new video, it's so addictive!

  29. So uhhhh, I have 3 tabs open at 11pm with idle games, uhhhhhh

  30. Something I wanna say is that yes I played clicker hero’s and yes I put about one hundred hours into it but I I did that because one of my close friends was onto it and as soon as he had some interest that we’re more similar to mine I pretty much put it down and didn’t think about it

  31. In the words of Marie Kondo, "Does it spark joy?"

  32. What is the song for the intro and outro? They sound so cool!

  33. I would really appreciate it if you could do a video on mobile games that are less like Mobile games and more like console

  34. the vids are amazing but the subs arent comin in why cant ppl sub

  35. I am playng 2 idle games while watching this

  36. actually there is a mobile version that was very recently made. (of cookie clicker) it's on thier website

  37. Anybody else listening to this while playing a clicker game?

  38. I had a problem with Incremental games too. But I managed to stop playing all the mobile and browser versions. Nowadays I only play those on Steam which have Achievements. And I managed to reduce the amount of time I spent on those 10 I play to around 20 minutes daily in the evening (average 2 minutes per game). Not too much progress is made that way, but I will be able to do some more progress when I have more time for them.
    I can manage to quit them completely when I have 100% of their Achievements.

    But I still have a problem quitting doing things to sleep. Either I continue playing games on Steam, I continue watching Youtube videos, I read on my Smartphone, surf randomly, or other stuff. There is a name for it and wikipedia even has an entry:

  39. @Toksyuryel: And what actually does that ? I mean, when you're old and you're in your last days of life … who's going to care about whether there was an S or not ?

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