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Eos in IDLE HEROES early game?!

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Check out the full video of this IDLE HEROES account here:

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  1. HELLO MK, u are the person that made me come back to the game the and BTW nice streams on twitch

  2. Man seeing holmes‘ doing literally nothing and being a useless piece of crap makes me so happy

  3. So interesting. i rolled an A+ aspen and I'm making him my main hero soon 👀

  4. Mmh I actually wanted to sell my B- Eos copy

  5. gotta disagree with you. my early game eos account doing better than my main account. not even joking. aspen is also a tenant for her.

  6. I mean if you have vulcan in the early game you're a whale lol, also lfa does that by himself.

  7. Now I'm tempted to know what eos and Vulcan do when they're the only trans in the acc

  8. U sure eos bad as a main HO? Hmmm I achieve many things with her. I got Dom 6 cleared,P50,SL26 light and I pass 1-4-10

  9. How to give mkxjump my acc on idle heros so he can give tutorial for me on what to do

  10. MK you do not know how much I DETEST holmes young in void campaign so this short… brings a smile to my face

  11. Can you tell me why do all my characters have 360000 Power? Did I get something Good?

  12. I build eos as my first transcend and fairy queen vesa as my second 😅 its not as bad as you think. Not amazing either though

  13. i have vesa and freya as trans heroes, what would be my 3rd trans hera? i alr have 5m crystals

  14. Bro was violating this guy on the stream then made a short praising him 😂

  15. I have end campagn 4 with dtv-vesa-pde-asmo-eos and puppets trans eos carry all wave for steal energy

  16. Tải game này như thế nào đấy ạ

  17. I saw someone building EOS in early game

  18. How do o get a ten star quickly or even a puppet for my Garuda

  19. How ro fix campaign 147. Im stuck here most time. I have sfx. Swj.fqv.mff n sqh.

  20. Great video please make mid and end game please for void campaign

  21. I did the entirety of chapter 2 in void campaign with eos as main home owner because mockman didn't exist and it was the sde/panda meta

  22. This is not what’s on the Ad… such bullshit lies I knew it

  23. Hi, MKxJUMP, I wonder what have someone yo do to help doing an account better? It's cuz Im noob 😀

  24. Everything he talks about is so far out of my reach, like , years as f2p , so idek why i watch these 😅😅

  25. seeing MK make better youtube shorts then 99% of the whole shorts community.

  26. На русском теперь это всё

  27. Who are the best heroes in the team to transcends Vulcan and Betty?

  28. What does late game look like if this is early?

  29. Now I know why I keep losing to this single hero with my full team..

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