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ending my cookie clicker game after 3 years…

Zackack The Beast
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Today I have finally purchased everything available in the game’s “heaven” and reincarnated to take one final save of my game before ending it and letting my browser take a break for the first time in 3 years! This is a completely legit run, with no cheats used (not even an autoclicker) at any point, so finally making here is pretty cool. Enjoy! 😀

Also, sorry for the massive black bars along the top and bottom of the screen, cookie clicker’s aspect ratio works in mysterious ways.


  1. literally every game your play on your channel is a game i like

  2. Dang I saw your the end of cookie clicker vid and didn’t realize that you just ended. I missed some great stuff didn’t I

  3. I recently got into the game. Using Perfect Idling so I can actually close the tab to reduce lag on my laptop when doing other stuff. Has leaving this open for 3 years caused any problems for your machine?

  4. this deserves more than a million views like bruh its epic

  5. This guy deserves more subs just for finishing cookie cliker

  6. Bro I beat the game in 10 minutes (not a legit run)

  7. and you never gave proof of the '3 years'? you could've just cheated and gave yourself cookies. in no way did you give ANY proof of it being 3 years old.

  8. OHHH NOOO… BRO YOU MISSED AN UPGRADE! Theres 3 secret heavenly upgrades for when your prestige level ends in 777,777. You only have one…

  9. Not to be rude but..
    It took you.. 3 Years… To get all heavenly upgrades..
    Are you serious

  10. Im kind of restarting for the heck of it.

  11. And what does prestige do for you? I know it says it but I don't really notice what it works through at all.

  12. I’ve got almost every legacy upgrades but I don’t have nearly enough achievements and upgrades

  13. How are you only making 1,7 tredecillion cookies a sec while I’m here after 40 days making 5,4 tredecilion cookies a sec

  14. Girls: He didn’t cry at titanic he doesn’t have a soul

  15. you should tell the company that you got that far. They would probably love to hear that from you. <3

  16. There are 2 more hidden heavenly upgrades

  17. This. Is. Fake. If you look closely when he's about to asend it says hes been on the on that file for 10 days and 12 h,(when you asend it restarts your time) it also seems very unlikely the you get to his amount of cps in 10 days. iv'e speedran my file in the matter of 9 days and l have 4 billion cps. Also he didnt show us his shadow achivements so l know this is fake.

  18. After 76 days, I have so much more than him, but whatevr

  19. It's incredible how much of a difference save scumming and autoclicking makes… You can get all heavenly chip upgrades in like 3 days instead of 3 years… (I know this sounds like bragging or something, but it's not meant as that, it's waaaay more impressive to do it fully vanilla)

  20. I only ran mine for 18 hours and I’m doing better hahahahahhahahhahahahahahahha


  22. Me: Sitting With 890.7 Million Cookies
    Video: 1.728 Tredectillion Cookies Per Sec

  23. cookie monster is proud of you
    edit: someone probably did this comment already 🙁

  24. I just recently passed a year on mine and just today I got all of the towers unlocked


  26. I'll wait another 100 years for a cookie clicker video if I have to!

  27. I've been playing for 2 hours and already got to 1 duodecillion

  28. This guy is a legend he beat an unbeatable game and has either liked or commented on every comment

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