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Elf Cake Clicker – Clicker Game with Cute Elves for iPhone and Android

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Do you know what day it is today? It is your birthday! Well… At least for the lovely elves that can make your sugary dream of having delicious cakes every day come true! And how can you complain? Everybody loves cakes!

The most fun clicker game you can find anywhere. Guaranteed!

You enter your kitchen and suddenly notice that it has been invaded… By cute little elves that love two things above all others: cooking and YOU! They live in your cabinet — on your shelves — and are always up to bake delightful cakes for your alleged birthday. Yummy! They love you, master!

Playing is easy! Fiercely tap or click the screen to give the elves a little helping hand to bake your cake, but also call dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new elves with special ingredients to help you with this tasty task. Each elf has a special skill that will help your cake reach new delicious heights. How many elves can you invite to the party in your cabinet?

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  1. God i swear if this happens to someone give me 100 OF them

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