DO THIS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! In Anime Racing Clicker -

DO THIS BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! In Anime Racing Clicker

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Enjoy today’s episode guys!

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  1. User name:dashmiu123 i appreciate your video and your effor cause no matter what happens, you are still able to update us

  2. I have got a 1.26m character pls give me a character pls pls pls pls pls

  3. The best hero I got was a normal secret kempachi but thx for this I’ll go do it right away it helps a lot 😊

  4. Plz comment on ne defuslt plays I love your channel so much I tell everyone about you

  5. Best hero i have is a gold from the hallow race gold legendary

  6. my best hero is Mythic void Aizawa it is 4 million speed

  7. my is void byakuya power v im such a noob if you see this comment please help me out

  8. My best is a killua that my friends gave to me and iam stuck a jojos bizarre adventure so I am trying win some give aways your videos are great! Don't stop ik you might not get to much views but I'm here for you default.

  9. My best hero is probably rainbow yourichi

  10. My best is Killua rainbow I am stuck at hollow race pls tell me how to improve I spend 2hr a day afking

  11. My best pet is the void Yoruichi with power 5 But I have 2

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