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Dinosaur Fighting Evolution 3D – Clicker Game | Eftsei Gaming

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Experience the exciting adventure and fighting of Tyrannosaurus Rex or shot name called T-Rex and dinosaur friends in this jurassic island which have many fierce , angry and hungry dinosaur by using only tap on the screen . This free app game is a mix between simulator , fighting , hunting and incremental clicker game style by using the main character as Tyrannosaurus Rex which man , woman , children and adult can play. Nothing is complicated for playing this game, just tap or click on the screen to let the T-Rex attack the enemies in this jurassic island or the treasure chest with hidden gold or gems or the giant dinosaur boss for quest accomplished . Team characters need to be developed in order to get stronger for fighting and surviving . Player can find fellows or friends such as Triceratops , Raptor , Stegosaurus , Ankylosaurus or possibly fierce angry wild dinosaurs like Spinosaurus , Carnotaurus etc to fight against the strong dinosaur enemies. The member in the team has different ability such as increase attack damage , gold in the game or reducing boss HP life . The more they have greater level , the more they evolve to the ultimate evolution form and it helps the battle or fight easier. There is also the mysterious forest scene full of treasure chests for players to find gold and gems to enhance the fun and exciting to play.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) was a giant animal . It was a fierce predator that walked on two powerful legs and was one of the largest land meat eating animals ( carnivores ) of all time . This dinosaur is main character in this adventure of this half hybrid game .
★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
– Tap or click the screen to attack the enemies.
– When the gold reached the set amount player can Buy, Upgrade or Evolve character
– Evolve character will increase the ability . ( each character has different evolve level ).
– When open the premium chest, you will get gems or extra effect such as reset cooldown skill , auto tap etc

– Quest and various upgrade systems .
– T-Rex model and realistic 3D wild dinosaur .
– Auto Tap System
– Video reward system to receive free items
– Achievement System
– 4 beautiful scenes
– Enthusiastic music
– UI, button, animation ( attack , hit , idle ) and beautiful effect

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