Develop Fast Clicker Game in Xcode -

Develop Fast Clicker Game in Xcode

Tihomir RAdeff
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Video shows you how to make simple iOS game to test your speed. Tap as many times as you can in a 15 seconds to be the best!

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  1. how would you create multiple managers on a different viewcontroller

  2. Can you do a tutorial on how to add a high score to that?

  3. Hey man can i ask you a favour. Can u please do a tutorial on Android studio savedinstance state. Basically i want to play an online video and save the position of it For example. If the user is watching the video and get interrupted by a call or quits the app. I want to save the position of the video and restore the video from where the user left off. Thank you!

  4. Amazing tutorial this is really going to help with a game I’m making you just a got a new sub

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