DESTROYING Piano Tiles with an Auto clicker -

DESTROYING Piano Tiles with an Auto clicker

Code Bullet
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I write an AI to play piano tiles and its pretty good
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  1. Can you make a vidio and just see what youre mouse/computer wants to do?

  2. It’s becoming sentient it’s learning lol it has become a chaos of destruction

  3. As a pro rythym game player I lasted until at least 1000 points

  4. His coding teacher be like ‘I taught him well’

  5. I just found you! I did not expect you to cuss😂😂

  6. Your mouse has learned teleport hack dont let it get into bedwars

  7. FBI: why did your AI just override the worlds missile systems?
    Code Bullet: I was trying to cheat at piano tiles

  8. Thumbnail: 30 CLICKS A SECOND
    Geometry Dash players: 30 clicks? I’m doing 3 billion per second 🤨

  9. What will happen if two are next to each other

  10. everyone watching: 😬
    you: f*** that f**** b*** argh why is it opening s***

  11. I am normal l i have gotten 3k without cammands

  12. Bruh your computer mouse really is smart it can operate a computer

  13. Welp, it’s fun to get slight revenge for all those ads

  14. bro almost lost his computer because of piano tiles

  15. me, an ITG player: …wait that's all ai can do? lol.


  17. You should do this again but make like 10 more Mouses on the computer with the same or better ai and see how far it gets.

  18. A few mods to make it better. Find 4 pixels (1 in each column), compare the pixel color to active (black), then click in the preset locations in each column. You can even thread the task, so once the screenshot is loaded, 4 threads each check their pixel, then add their click to a buffer for the cursor to move, with the pixel it clicks on as an offset from the preset pixel + buffer position (so the longer it's in the buffer, the further down it clicks). That should bring the entire thing down to about 1/10th the time per click you currently have.

  19. The Program *resists shutdown and starts randomly opening 122 tabs or something a second
    Me *this man will create the program that will take over all of the internet and eventually everyone in existance in contact with any device capable of processing and executing

  20. Did you end up with like 128,000 screenshots or did you make the program to auto delete each screenshot once it was made???

  21. And this is why I couldn’t beat the high score.

  22. Musicians find these sounds satisfying: 4:54
    Coders find these sounds satisfying: 8:54

  23. Only Evan could start out trying to create a bot to do something as innocent as playing Piano Tiles, and end up almost creating Skynet.

  24. I have heard Passacaglia music in other videos and the 'Passacaglia' music in this video is not sounding close to other videos ?

  25. This man should learn what Virtual Machines are.

  26. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    This program: I AM GOD

  27. alternative title: autoclicker installing 4 billion virus on my computer

  28. Imagine using auto clicker that clicks 535 times per 0.9 seconds

  29. Bro just Created the first sentient mouse😂

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