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Dani’s Clicker Game 3 WR | 26:30

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I believe that at the time of posting, this is the fastest current time on Dani’s flash game Button Upgrader (he called it clicker game 3 in his video today: ).

If anyone gets a faster time I will update the title.

Game link:
Twitch: twitch.tv/falcon_val


  1. how do you find this game can you send me link

  2. R.I.P Adobe Flash
    Quote of him : "i was the god of games in the past, i didn't know they were going to completely shut me down"

  3. i can do better i suppose

    with one finger
    also the comments broke

    no jk but hi

  4. im tryinna download supernova, please help, the bar on downloading updates is stuck on 100

  5. i can get a better time than this when my bloody abedless arrives, people are long draging 113 cps on that mouse

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