CryptoGrounds' Idle and Clicker Game TIER LIST! -

CryptoGrounds’ Idle and Clicker Game TIER LIST!

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Hello! In this video I will be ranking 39 Idle Games I could remember off the top of my head (forgot 2 that were mentioned in the video, so that makes it 41). Come watch me explain what games I do or don’t like and enjoy some random humor!

Games (In Order):
B – Wizard and Minion Idle (WAMI):
D – Vlogger Go Viral:
S – Antimatter Dimensions:
A – Trimps:
B – Time Warper:
B – Time Clickers:
C – Tap Tycoon:
C – Swarm Simulator:
A – Spaceplan:
C – Soda Dungeon 2:
C – Realm Grinder:
B – Pincremental:
C – Ordinal Markup:
S – NGU Idle:
D (Changed to C) – NG+3:
S – CryptoClickers:
B – Melvor Idle:
F – Make It Rain:
B – Incremental Adventures:
F – Idle Impulse Incremental:
B – Idle Idle Game Dev:
B – Idling to Rule the Gods:
B – Idle Slayer:
F – Idle Hereos: No link because it’s a waste of time.
C – Idle Miner Tycoon:
F – Idle Expanse:
C (Changed to B) – Idle Bouncer:
S – Idle Skilling:
B – Idle Scratch-Off:
C – Guild Quest:
A – Distance Incremental:
S – Cookie Clicker:
B – Cookie Collector 2: (I guess it’s called Cookie Inc. now)
F – ClickRaid2:
A – Clicker Heroes:
C – Adventure Communist:
C – Adventure Capitalist:
S – Synergism:
S – Idle Research: NOT IN BETA YET

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  1. I recommend adventure of idleon from the same dev than Idle skilling

  2. Sup! Informative video review!

    Will you make the new one about This is one of my favorite projects for the last few months, but I want to hear your opinion about DDIM future price, will it rise?

  3. Yo crypto just wanted to say I'm so glad you liked idle skilling!! I was hoping for like a high B rating, gotta say wasn't expecting an S haha! [made that game btw]
    Also just bc you mentioned you were waiting on the next update, wanna let u know there will indeed be at least 1 more update around feb-march 2021 (and it'll come to iOS too)

  4. We really need an diablo 2/path of exile style incremental game mainly ui based with maps, bosses, loot stats activities ect even maybe multiplayer somehow this would be challenging to make as a solo dev

  5. You forgot some like Infinite Cosmos, Zero Idle, DPS Idle, Mr.Mine,

  6. Vlogger go viral for me would go to s I love it so much

  7. I feel likd cell to singlarity should be on the list

  8. Hi you put CryptoClickers in F tier but in the description you put it as S tier o wait I just look further into the video never mind sorry

  9. NG+3.1 sucks for a lot of reasons and honestly, it would have been better if it stayed in the development process, and I know what went wrong, so we're going to gradually fix the damage soon by pushing out NG+3R. I agree with the C-D range, honestly, during pre-NG+3.1 the game was ok, but after that, it became worse because of all the time that was spent and the failed testing, but either way, Aarex balancing methods caused there to be time walls everywhere and some people didn't like it. Bosonic Lab in my opinion is the weakest point, and Higgs only continues that problem because of how repetitive and the lack of innovation involved in Higgs. At this point, the only real way that the game can continue is if the game is to be restarted all over again. I hope to eventually fix the factors that led to NG+3's notoriety, but I know some people will probably still hate on the game even when NG+3R comes out. I may have to eventually consider quitting development and working on my own projects because of how long I have had to wait for Aarex to allow other devs and people to start making changes to the game and other mods, and also because of how much the game has went through. I don't recommend having 8 more prestige layers for this game though, eventually, there must be some sense of finality to it; there may only be Hadronize or Stellar left. I really hope one day this game can be in full working order. Until then, consider this:

    The good ending of NG+3.1 on September 12th was the bad ending. The true ending starts soon. The countdown page will be changed soon. It will all be different.

  10. The creator of idle skilling made another incremental name legends of idleon

  11. You put Ordinal Markup under a bunch of pay to win phone games. Rude.

  12. ng+++
    Tick tock
    aarex's clock

  13. you should try deep town.
    nice story and idle. =D
    also kittens game is very deep!

  14. I like your tier list, but I think, that Trimps deserves S tier, very cool game.

  15. If you haven’t played cell to singularity, it’s one of my favorite free idle Games and they update regularly

  16. ordinal markup isn't really an idle game, its just for people who like weird numbers imo

  17. Really sad you did not spend more time into some games. 30hours into WAMI is nothing, you have not even begin play it. WAMI is basically NGU but better in everything. WAMI i slow, really slow for every new feature you unlock. Yes WAMI is not an graphic game, most text and bars. Still the best Idle game out there.

  18. Crank has a slow start but is still dear to me since it got me into incrementals.

  19. I personally really like synergism because it is big numbers and there is actually not bad of a game

  20. 1:54 uhh yeah that would be helpful actually, believe it or not some people dont know every idle game in the world

  21. oh my god i have played almost all of them, i think i have a problem

  22. idle heroes is better than most of these games lol

  23. Make it Rain is quite a decent game on mobile, its just trash on steam because they pretty much just directly ported it onto steam, and it just doesnt work in that atmosphere.

  24. i agreed with everything. except egg inc.

  25. Realm Grinder is S tier imo. Haven't had to use a guide at any point either :/

  26. How dare you put adventure capitalist at c how dare you, adventure capitalist made idle games a popular concept today and it revolutionized the industry how fucking dare you

  27. It’s alright but adventure capitalist deserves a tier

  28. Wizard and Minion is the first and so far only Idle game I played and to be honest, I wonder why it is even categorized as such.
    There is a lot of stuff in that game that forces you to babysit it all the time, at least until you finally unlock all the "auto feeder" upgrades, which is end game stuff and most people will never even see it.

    When I decided to begin playing a "Idle game", I expected something I can just let run in the background and make a executive decision once in a while, when I feel like it. But this is basically Tamagochi, with the game demanding attention every 15 minutes or so, or things start to go bad.

    The game also forces you to "reincarnate" basically every day and rebuild everything each time with slightly better stats, if you want to be successful, which I can't do.
    I don't have the time to invest hours every day into such a silly pseudo game and thus my built sucks.

    Yet, it is addictive, in a sniffing glue sense and I have been playing it much longer than I care to admit. Not because I like it, but because it has become a habit and I feel like I would have wasted all that time if I just gave up now.

    So I still boot it up every day and do a few things, but because I can't do the whole "reincarnating" rigmarole every day, I will always be behind the curve and might never unlock everything.

    I might very well and actually be the guy who has played the game the longest and the least successful, hehe.
    And even more embarrassingly, I still don't fully understand all the mechanics and the Wiki is almost no help, because it is totally incomplete and in large parts written in wonky, confusing English.

  29. Have you tried playing Candy Box one and two? They are kinda RPG-esque. The first one focuses more on the incremental side though.

  30. Me who came here for recommendations and trying to figure out what kind of games they are

    Crypto gaming: "No need to explain the game, we already know"

  31. "i dont have much hours on this game"

    Steam: 900+ hours

  32. I wish you would've explained your reasoning for Antimatter Dimensions because I bounced straight off that game. I played it for a couple days and at no point was I ever presented with any choices, every upgrade/reset basically has to be purchased in a set order. I just held down the buy button and then did the prestige resets as they were offered. A skill tree was advertised but I didn't get that far. Maybe the game gets good eventually, but I'm not interested in playing a game that has hours of mindless holding of a button before the FIRST decision has to be made. 1/10 game for me, and the 1 is just because watching the numbers is aesthetically pleasing.

  33. dude, you should press F11 so people dont see what you have in your task bar and things… its your personal data.

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