Creating an A.I. to DESTROY Clicker Heroes -

Creating an A.I. to DESTROY Clicker Heroes

Code Bullet
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AI vs a clicker game, how hard could it be??
yo, im back
i forget what im supposed to write here.


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  1. I don’t know what I was expecting out of this but ….yes

  2. They dropped Cloudstone for this game, no doubt because it was easier to monetize. For shame, Playsaurus, for shame.

  3. Amazing I love code bullet I am so glad to see him posting again I just found out that you have been reposting today and I am so happy because you are so funny

  4. What programming language do you use? I want to get into coding but so far I've o ly learned c# basics. What language do you recommend?

  5. I'm at about zone 1.5million. Please don't play this game. You can't stop.

  6. This was a dream of mine when I was a much younger man. My dumbest dream was soul sucking for you. Lol. woops.

  7. This humor is SO up my valley! I laugh every time. XD

  8. You wanna break Clicker Heros? Download your safe file and edit rubies/gems number to 9999999 and load it up…. Your welcome
    Its literally a text file I copy and pasted it to my phone too

  9. You should make an ai that does merger idle games

  10. My experience was the same thing with an auto clicker and screen recognition.

  11. 11:22 Except that's NOT the only way you can get "Gems." They're called Rubies, by the way. They're also awarded via clans.

  12. I love how anytime Code Bullet even slightly moves his face to the left, his whole face flips

  13. If it's not a flash game, wouldn't it be much easier to inject some custom js (or python via brython)?

  14. There is a feature in this game that automatically advances to the next level.

  15. Devs: "Here, we'll add a special money monster that has so many possible configurations that it'll be impossible for a bot to find and click it!"

    Code Bullet: "Hehe, Brute force go brrrr"

  16. I did that all with a free auto clicker that I downloaded lol

  17. No matter how hard he tries, his autoclickers will somehow find a way to become sentient and take over your computer

  18. Hey code, would it scare you to say that I'm level 6000 in Clicker Heroes?

  19. Ummm yeah my brother had to move the time on his computer all the way forward then all the way backward then vice versa to get dread night

  20. I found so fun the Ricardo part of the start

  21. 2:49 cb cannot do literally anything without an unknown, possibly sentient program stalking him

  22. It's funny how CB's email address is hidden by captcha yet CB like building robots.
    Hey, Code Bullet should build an AI that can beat various captchas.

  23. ꧁ ༒εภт¡тყplคყz༒ ꧂ says:

    6 months late comment but do idle ants from crazy games

  24. it sounds like my mom's credit card constantly declined as always

  25. This whole video was an elaborate plan to show off his dancing animation

  26. That intro brought every childhood memory coming back full force, the game part not the dancing part

  27. instead of coding for like one day just get an auto clicker content

  28. I remember always playing this game at my elementary school, but i guess its kinda boring if you think about it. Nice video, I want to learn how to code one day.

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