Create A 2D Idle Clicker Game in Unity! Tutorial 5 | Automatic Clickers -

Create A 2D Idle Clicker Game in Unity! Tutorial 5 | Automatic Clickers

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Hey guys, what’s up! Tim Here!
I will now show you how I designed the auto clickers. These will automatically do a function based on how many auto clickers you have purchased! I hope you all enjoy it!

Find the Code on Github:

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Visual Studio Code:

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  1. What is the perpose for making the Update method asynchronous? You have no await keyword so I was just wondering.

  2. When I buy the autoroundup the autoclicker is being used without any delay. How can I add delay for an autoclicker. For example to do damage every 1 second. Currently its doing damage non stop

  3. I am getting the error:"No overload for method 'TakeMoney' takes 1 arguments"Am realizing the "public void TakeMoney()" within GameManager has no argument, but we are shoving an argument in anyway now?And I am unable to find the "OnBuyAutoRoundUp()" from the drop down menu @6:28 . It should exist, but the error seems to be related to the "no overload method error".(I have already removed the async and fixed those lines to match this video's code.)

  4. Hey Timmy I just came across your cube world alpha download video. I’m just curious if it’s possible to download the game on a Mac. Still to this day haven’t gotten around to getting a computer even though I’ve wanted plenty of games like this since I was little. I can send pictures n such but it’s fairly new compared to the mac we had before. I’ve seen plenty of videos about setting it up on mac but all seem to be outdated by looking in the comments. Appreciate any help at all, moms just insanely stingy about virus’s n such. And it’s her Christmas present

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