Create A 2D Idle Clicker Game in Unity! Tutorial 2 | Objectives To Click -

Create A 2D Idle Clicker Game in Unity! Tutorial 2 | Objectives To Click

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Hey guys, what’s up! Tim Here!
Do you want to learn how to create an Idle Clicker Game in Unity? In this episode I will show you how to insert different UI Elements as “enemies” which you can make a button to click on. I’m so excited to see what direction I will take next with the creation of BarnyardSmash! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Visual Studio Code:

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  1. what if I want to do a cookie clicker ripoff and make it a simple click-gain game?

  2. when i try to run my game after using the script it says Modifer public is not valid for this item.

  3. in the Animal script you've initialised the curHP and maxHP and ints but then cast them to floats later on, is there a reason that you're not initialising them as floats to begin with?

  4. When I wrote down the script, I put it down exactly and it says it couldn't find the image

  5. this helps a lot im watching it while i wait for my unity to download but he makes everything easy to understand unlike other videos ive watched

  6. been loving these tutorials hope you keep them coming

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