Cookie Clickers Gameplay #1 - Pretty Cool Game! -

Cookie Clickers Gameplay #1 – Pretty Cool Game!

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Song: Let It Go – Axtasia
Music provided by Ninety9Lives

Song: Robot Pirate Invasion – Trip40
Music provided by Ninety9Lives

Song: Shaken Soda – The Hipsta
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Song: Sparks – Elektronomia
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  1. Lol it’s crazy that this was 3 years ago. When you get the chance you should start a new series of this!

  2. Him: not going to be a long series me: really it has been along time since this was uploaded and it is 115 ep long

  3. Hey btw can you make another series of this im bored in quarantine lol

  4. ha ha you think its not going to be a long seris i think 125 is a long seris

  5. Hero clickers was the og first clicker game

  6. Can someone tell me why he missed 2 golden coockies

  7. When you didn't click the golden cookie… i wanted to throw a chair at the wall right then and there, ngl. The game has improved over time and it's quite addicting.

  8. people loved the series so much because this was the og first ever web game and clicker game every clicker game was based of cookie clicker and then adds a twist

  9. Who else is watching this on December 9th 2020

  10. u very noob this game im this game 1 trillion

  11. omg i got so triggered when he did not click the golden cookie…

  12. 0:34 not gonna use an autoklicker huh? one episode later all I am saying…

  13. 2:22 I got so mad when he didn’t press the golden cookie

  14. I’m watching a cookie clicker play through while playing cookie clicker on a laptop while eating cookies.

  15. A tip when you begin dont buy any cursers just go for grandma its better

  16. I’m watching cookie clicker while playing cookie clicker

  17. I’ve managed to stumble onto this series again.Tbh I forgot I even watched it until I saw my 11 month old comments.

  18. Missing a golden cookie man it’s Right there

  19. dude made a 115 episode long series of cookie clicker. what a champion.

  20. 3 entire years.
    By the way, IdleVerse update

  21. This series won’t be long” -lama 2018

  22. this looks so slow to me (I have ascended so many times i get septillions within 60 seconds of starting a new prestige)

  23. Ok if you add music to something don't make it some generic shit like this lol, it gets old REALLY fast. Feel like I'm stuck in an elevator designed by internet culture.

  24. Lazee: "It's not gonna be a super long series."

    Me: Keep telling yourself that.

  25. Actually, there is music, but only in the steam version.

  26. Me crying cause you didn’t click the golden cookie and yes ik I’m nearly 5 years late

  27. "not alot of videos on this"
    yeah right

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